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Everyone owns a mobile phone, a tablet or a digital camera. Unfortunately, the use of these technologies cannot do without the necessary battery charging. And these are often important moments for us when we badly need to make a phone call, send an mail or capture an unrepeatable image, and suddenly our technological miracle starts blinking ”battery low“ light, followed by a blank screen. Whatto do now? We recall where we saw the charger for the last time, was it at home, on the table or at work? And I am just at the fair with no charger at hand.

And these are the situations for which we offer a simple solution - a CHARGEBOX designed to charge a wide range of batteries used in a number of mobile and other digital gadgets in a short time.

CHARGEBOXES are installed in Exhibiton Halls.

CHARGEBOX offer you brand new advertising options at the fair:
a) Advertising on a digital 22inch touch screen placed on the CHARGEBOX
-10 s / 1 spot (200 broadcasts / day)
b) Advertising (communication) space on CHARGEBOX

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