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3.-7.4. 2016

International Veterinary Fair



Product: Rumenfibe
Location: Hall A2, st. no. 039
Producer: Meiwa  Sangyo Co.
Exhibitor: NutriVet, s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

It is a veterinary technical aids, which is applied using a probe through the esophagus into the rumen. Rumenfibe consists of a steel mandrel about 15 cm long, to which are attached a plastic fibers which are in the diameter of the mandrel 11 cm. After aklikaci in the rumen (per animal used 3 pieces) was dissolved wrapping paper and plastic fibers are stretched. The purpose is to eliminate Rumenfibe nedotatek structural fiber in the diet and stimulate rumen, respectively. to cause contraction of the wall of the rumen.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

We can not compare with other product.


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