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15.-16.9. 2014

International Conference on Road Safety

Event program


Monday, 15 September 2014

9,15 – 9,55
Refreshments and registration of participants

Block 1: 10,00 – 12,30

Ceremonial beginning of the operation of Transport R&D centre and conference BRNOSAFETY
2014 at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Centrum dopravního výzkumu/
Výzkumný ústav dopravní

Opening of conference: Karel Pospíšil - CDV Director

Speeches of representatives of the Czech Republic:
Deputy Minister of Transport Karel Dobeš
European parliament representative Olga Sehnalová

Speeches of foreign guests:
ECTRI President – George Giannopoulos
ETSC Executive Director – Antonio Avenoso
FEHRL Executive Chairman – Bojan Leben
KFV Representative– Klaus Rosino
BASt Representative, FERSI Secretary General – Raschid Urmeew
VÚD Director General – Lubomír Palčák

Official opening of the Transport R&D Centre

12,30 – 13,30

13,30 – 14,00
Demonstration of traffic accident investigation

Block 2: 14,00 – 17,30

BrnoSafety - Towards VISION 0

Introduction to Towards VISION 0 - Josef Mikulík
Introduction to Safety and Traffic Engineering - Jindřich Frič
Strategic Safety Management - Jindřich Frič
International Relationships of Traffic Safety - Josef Mikulík
Road Accident Database (IRTAD, CARE, …) - Jan Tecl
National Observatory of Road Safety - Jiří Ambros

15,30 – 16,00
Coffee break

Economic Impacts of Accidents, Funding Measures of NSBSP - Ondřej Valach
In-depth Analysis of Road Accidents - Jiří Juza
Legislation Activities - Jindřich Frič
Summary and further directions - Josef Mikulík

End of day 1 events

Ride on a private tram to a social and cultural event

Social evening

Demonstration of research activities will be prepared in the afternoon within an accompanying programme in two rounds Group 1 from 14:00 and Group 2 from 15:50, parallel to Block 2:

Environmental laboratory and measuring devices
Road sign laboratory, optical laboratory
Laboratory of psychology
Recording device TRIPOD
Road accident laboratory
Measuring vehicle
Measuring trailer
Laboratory geotechnical field
Demonstration of SW for “Assessment of Effectiveness of Non-signalled Junctions”
Demonstration of a module for graphic display of traffic load in junctions

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Block 3: 9,00 – 12,30 HALL 1

BrnoSafety - Safer roads and vehicles

Introduction to Safer Roads and Vehicles - Josef Mikulík
Evaluation of Planned Roads - Petr Pokorný
Evaluation of Existing Roads - Radim Striegler
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Non-signalled Junctions - Jan Novák
Road Accidents – Collisions with Animals - Michal Bíl 

10:30 – 11:00
Coffee Break

Active and Passive Safety Elements of motor Vehicles - Jakub Motl
Traffic Calming, Non-motorised Traffic - Eva Simonová, Pavel Havránek, Martin Lipl
Behaviour of Road Users on Level Crossings - Pavel Skládaný
Road Signing and Marking - Pavel Tučka
Traffic Management at Road Closures - Pavel Tučka, Marek Ščerba
Conclusions, summary and further directions - Jindřich Frič

Block 4: 9,00 – 12,30 HALL 2

BrnoSafety – Safer Behaviour of Road Users

Introduction to Human Factor in Road Safety - Petr Šenk
Traffic Education - Zuzana Strnadová
Campaigns, Prevention and Rehabilitation Programmes - Petr Zámečník
First Aid – Factor Improving Road Safety - Veronika Kurečková
Hazardous Behaviour of Young Drivers - Pavel Řezáč
Mobility and Safety of Ageing Population - Kamila Paráková
Social Rules in Road Transport - Jiří Novotný
Measuring Employees’ Satisfaction with the use of Method Imposat - Veronika Kurečková 

10:30 – 11:00
Coffee Break

Attitudes to Safe Behaviour in Traffic - Petr Zámečník
Comparison of Attitudes of Czech Drivers (SARTRE) - Pavlína Skládaná
Traffic Behaviour and Exposition to Potential Road Accidents - Petr Šenk
Use of Multiagent Models to Identify Hazardous Areas - Michal Šimeček
Conclusions, summary and further directions - Petr Šenk 

12,30 – 14,30


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