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i-Catalogue – Innovation to make the trade fair participation more effective

Our goal is to develop and improve services related with your participation in the trade fair. In this context, we developed a new application called i-Catalogue.

We have introduced so called media packages for all events in 2012, which will help to make company presentations at the trade fair more effective. The media package includes company registration in the current printed publications as well as the newly set up so called iCatalogue. The I-Catalogue is not just an electronic version of the former hard copy catalogue but is an on-line intertrade-fair catalogue of companies belonging to a particular branch, which offers the exhibitors the following advantages:

  • Fast and easy access to update company information and on-line space for the company presentation by the exhibitor himself for the entire duration of the placement of the presentation within the branch database
  • Multiplication effect of participation at the trade fair – prolongs the effect of your participation at the trade fair for the following half year until the next trade fair
  • Participation at the trade fair is extended further through the advantages of internet advertising with all its benefits
  • iCatalogue promotes maximum amount of information about the company and its products

It is free of charge

i-Catalogue represents a significant added value and increases the efficiency of your participation in the fair. i-Catalogue is a natural extension to the trade fair participation that prolongs the communication impact of your presentation at the fair by one more year, or, in the case of events with two-year periodicity, by two years. Worth mentioning is also a support to your website traffic through a link in the i-Catalogue. Subscription of your company to the i-Catalogue is presented not only to trade fair visitors but also to all your potential clients worldwide.

Price of i-Catalogue services is already included in the fee that you paid upon registration for the fair.

The i-Catalogue application gives you an option to use a large web space for your presentation without any additional charge. At the same time, you can choose the best presentation option for your company in the printed Catalogue, which is charged according to valid price list.

Information about your company will be published in the following publications and media:

- printed Trade Fair Catalogue and a CD-ROM in case it is enclosed with the printed catalogue
- printed Visitor Guides handed to all visitors upon their entrance to the Exhibition Centre
- i-Catalogue valid until the next edition of the trade fair

  • internet catalogue of exhibitors on the website of the fair
  • during the fair also at info stands

In case of doubt, you are welcome to contact our sales reps who will gladly assist you in filling out the order forms and in case of any queries.

Please pay attention to provide correct information for the i-Catalogue, because it contains many details about your company that will be published as part of the basic subscription covered by registration fee.

What is the catalogue...?

  • BVV Trade Fairs Brno holds about 40 trade fair events focusing on different fields each year
  • every event has its own catalogue
  • the catalogue contains all key information about exhibitors who attend the fair
  • the catalogue is available on the website until the next edition of the fair

Who may find the catalogue useful...?

  • exhibitors
  • visitors from the Czech Republic and especially international visitors
  • specialist press
  • partners, professional associations

What does the catalogue allow exhibitors to do...?

  • introduce their company in a comprehensive form to everyone concerned, especially to visitors who intend to visit the trade fair, but also to those who seek a trustworthy and proven partners in the catalogue and on the web
  • describe what the company engages in and what it is excellent at
  • address people interested in the given area of business through advertising
  • make contacts even when the fair as such is over.


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