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29.9. - 3.10. 2014

International Foundry Fair

Statistical data 2014


Common statistics for MSV, IMT, FOND-EX, WELDING, PLASTEX and PRO-FINTECH 2014

1,636 exhibiting companies from 31 countries
40,708 sqm net exhibition area
76,155 visitors from 53 countries

Quotes About the Fair

"I want to thank the exhibitors not only for participating, but mainly for having prepared very well and brought many innovations, new technology equipment and innovative solutions to the fair. Since the fair is exactly about innovation," said Jiří Kuliš, CEO, Brno Exhibition Centre.

Jaroslav Hanák, President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic:
I am convinced that not only athletes or artists are good representatives of the Czech Republic, but these industrialists, managers and owners of these companies, they are the adornments of the Czech Republic.

Vladimír Dlouhý, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic:
It may seem that in this age of the Internet, trade fairs of this significance rather lose their weight, but I think that it is not true, because we all know that it is primarily personal contact that is crucial in gaining trust. A trust is what we especially need in trade and business relations.

Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic:
MSV Brno is the largest exhibition of its kind in Central Europe and I fully realize its importance far beyond the borders of the European region. Engineering is the backbone of industry and that is why the engineering fair is so important. We must do everything we can to have engineering and industry work for us.

Milan Štěch, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic:
As someone who has spent one’s youth up o forty years of age in engineering, I love to come back to such events as MSV. When I visit the fair, I realize how quickly time flies. While at the fair, we are astonished at how fast the development goes ahead.

Miroslav Šabart, CEO of ŽĎAS and president of the Association of Engineering Technology:
Who does not exhibit at the International Engineering Fair, is as they did not exist.

Michele Tajariol, CEO of TAJMAC-ZPS:
The overall level of this year's trade fair is good, as was the case in the last few years. Attendance is great, also customers’ mood is good, since as I have heard, they are currently implementing many new projects. The fair is very well organized and I see a lot of students and young people, that is those who will guarantee work in the field also in the future, which is very positive. I have been to fairs in Germany and Italy, and I have not met so many young people there.

Yvonne Jausovec, department of fairs and exhibitions, Bayern Handwerk International:
The fair is an excellent platform for Bavarian companies. We represent ten Bavarian companies in Brno and what I heard from the first evaluation, the companies have been satisfied with the exhibition in recent days and appreciated the knowledge of customers, with whom they held meetings. Most of them intend to come again next year.

Karl Stelc, sales representative, Stema-Tech s.r.o.:
We as a company are satisfied with the fair, a lot of customers visited us, we even managed to sell three Japanese Amada machines directly at the fair. They are two lasers and a grinder. As usual, we held a series of business meetings with existing customers in Brno, but new customers interested in our exhibits also came. Next year we will attend the fair again, we have been exhibiting regularly since 1991.

Luboš Jiráček, commercial and technical manager, DK machinery a.s.
The fair has definitely picked up compared to last year. I mean it from the perspective of both exhibitors and visitors, as considerable quantities of them visited our stand. For our company, this is the only trade fair of its kind in the Czech and Slovak Republics, which has its sound reputation and its quality level, it is worth attending. This year’s MSV changed the situation and raised the level considerably. Moreover, our company can not afford not to visit Brno, it is necessary in terms of competition. We have also held preliminary talks on new contracts in Brno, our exhibits are sold for millions of Crowns. We are satisfied with the fair.

Dominik Tesař, salesman, INCOTECH:
This year's MSV is on a higher level than last year. Our stand was visited by many people who were interested in machines and new technologies. I think that the engineering sector begins to gain strength after the past years of stagnation. We had a number of business meetings, we will evaluate the interest in our products in the coming period, some deals have been initiated. Our company is attending the fair for the first time and we are very happy, our exhibition presents Turkish machinery. I drew earlier findings about MSV from my previous engagement in another company where I worked for many years.

Josef Mikloš, Sales Director and Managing Director, Gühring s.r.o.:
We have been participating in MSV regularly since 1991. We are satisfied with this event each year. We are large manufacturers of rotary chip tools for machining. Attendance at our stand was excellent throughout the fair. The exhibition was of great benefit for the company this year. Some companies, however, still show that they are afraid to invest, even though the fair shows them that it is a good way to invest properly. I think that this trade fair does make sense. We have been selling our products at an outdoor stand this year, we sold more than three million worth.

Peter Kunák, head of sales in CZ and SK, Hoffmann Group:
This trade fair is a key event of the year for our company. We organize business meetings with partners in Brno, because we are the largest European manufacturer of tools. It has had positive significance for our company, we are sure to participate next year.

Radomír Kubík, marketing and sales, PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o.:
The fair has met our expectations, it means that our stand was visited by many customers not only from the field of electrical engineering, but also from other fields. We are exhibiting X-ray equipment and various devices for accurate measurement at our stand. We belong to the traditional MSV participants, this year’s new contacts look promising. Enterprises have again begun to release investment funds and are buying things. We can say that this year’s edition has been our best MSV ever. There was great interest in our European novelty – a CT device and other X-ray equipment.

Karel Šilhánek, area manager, ISCAR ČR s.r.o.:
The Engineering Fair in Brno shows signs of revival in engineering. Visitor attendance was much greater than in previous years. I can confirm that, because our company has been participating in this prestigious event for many years. The company benefited from establishing contracts with new customers. We have of course made use of our presence in Brno as always for meetings with existing clients.

Karel Pich, technical director, executive, TOPMES s.r.o.:
The company is satisfied with its participation in the fair, not only in terms of the number of visitors who visited our stand. We made many new contacts and revived the old. We are delighted to have won the MSV Gold Medal for the first touch software in the world measuring with a coordinate measuring technology. The award will improve our image and customer trust in our products. We will certainly capitalize the Gold Medal in our promotional materials.

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