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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

Display of the Czech Ministry of Defence and Czech Armed Forces at IDET 2021


The IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair is a unique showcase of defence and security technologies in Central Europe and an important pro-export platform for the Czech defence and security industry. The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic are traditionally the largest exhibitors.

The topics of this year's exposition of the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Armed Forces are the modernisation of the armed forces and 30 years since the first foreign operation in which Czech soldiers were involved.

The section dedicated to modernisation will present the latest equipment and the main directions of the development of new capabilities of the Czech Armed Forces.

Modern equipment on display will feature Toyota Hilux off-road passenger cars, which will ultimately replace the obsolete UAZ and Land Rover vehicles in the coming years. Modern RBS-70NG anti-aircraft missile kits, which the military took over last autumn, or new Pandur wheeled combat vehicles in the command and staff special and liaison (KOVVŠ) versions, which last year enhanced the power of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade and replaced the earlier liaison technology – all the above will also be presented. The last item was delivered in the beginning of December 2020.

The motto of other two parts of the indoor display will be new types of challenges (covid-19 pandemic, growing tensions in crisis areas and international terrorism) and new capabilities of armed forces – a part dedicated to cyber security (presentation of the Cyber ​​Forces and Operations Command) and the deployment of the Czech Armed Forces in the fight against covid-19. Centers of Excellence specialising in capabilities such as weapons of mass destruction protection (CBRN), logistical education and training within the Alliance (MLCC) and multinational aviation training (MATC) will also be introduced.

As part of a lookback to history, the oldest chemical reconnaissance vehicle that Czech soldiers used in the Persian Gulf (1990–1991) will be available for viewing at the display of VHÚ (BRDM2RCH amphibious, special, armoured vehicle of the radiation and chemical reconnaissance team), and there will also be  a modern Iveco light armoured vehicle (LOV) for chemical specialists.

A film screening on a large screen at the indoor display in Hall P and an exhibition on the outdoor area K will also return to the history of foreign missions. It will be possible to visit a field hospital with an outpatient ward and an operating theatre. Field hospitals, together with chemical units, were among the first to be deployed in foreign operations in the 1990s (6th Field Hospital, 1999, Albania, Turkey).

The traditional IDET ARENA polygon will feature dynamic demonstrations every day. This time, members of the 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion from Prostějov and members of the University of Defence will present demonstrations of the Commandos tactical group. There will also be a stand for the recruitment to the armed forces, a presentation of the Castle Guard, the Honour Guard of the Czech Armed Forces, and the geographical service of the Czech Armed Forces.


Date: 8 Sep 2021 08:26:00

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