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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

IDET ARENA: Mounted Unit of the South Moravian Region Police Directorate

Department of hippology in Brno was set up in 1993 following the tradition of the mounted police with roots reaching to units established in 1948. Presently it belongs to the Order Service Units.

The Mounted Police Unit is deployed mainly for the purpose of patrolling in secluded areas such as cottage areas and search of missing persons. It is further used for the purpose of crowd management during hi-risk football matches, demonstrations or meetings of extremist groups. The unit is deployed all around the region and in other regions of the Czech Republic if needed.

Riding and training grounds of the Unit are situated in Brno – Medlánky with facility occupied by 13 horses and 12 police officers.

The Mounted Police Unit of the South Moravian Region Police Directorate is very successful not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad taking part in various Championships taking place in Brno, Poland and Hungary. In 2014 representatives of the unit won all the championships they attended – either home or abroad.

Last year thy placed themselves in the first three positions on the International Championship in Horse Riding taking place in Brno where units took part from the whole Czech Republic as well as from 7 other European countries. Also, they won the 2nd place at the Polish International Championship of Mounted Police that took place in Lodž.

The Mounted Police Unit will present readiness of horses and their riders to deal with variety of disruptive factors:

  • reaction of horses to flags and banners
  • operating with a truncheon, single hand horse management
  • jump over fire
  • reaction to shooting
  • shooting from the horse back with an airsoft gun
  • passing through smoke curtain
  • pushing out by the means of a horse


Date: 15 May 2023 08:22:00

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