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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

IDET ARENA: Customs Administration

The Intervention Squad is organized under the Division 03 - Investigation Division of the General Directorate of Customs. Within the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, the Division 03 Investigation is the only force with competence in the criminal proceedings.

The scope of the team covers specialist activities including interventions against suspected individuals upon request coming from various departments across the Investigation Division. The team members are equipped with adequate weapons and gear, and this kind of interventions is their core competence.

The Intervention Squad of the General Directorate of Customs will deliver a demonstration of arresting a group of offenders who illegally import tobacco products into the Czech Republic and distribute these to other clients. The goal is to arrest these targets at the moment of delivering the tobacco products to their clients. It can be assumed that the individuals will be armed. Thus, the intervention has to be executed quickly in order to prevent the offenders to destroy evidence and in order to prevent the offenders from defending themselves actively.


Date: 15 May 2023 17:01:00

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