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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

Selected exhibits at IDET

DITA self-propelled wheeled howitzer

Excalibur Army, Czechoslovak Group exposition (Hall P, Stand 035)

The company EXCALIBUR ARMY (EA) from Šternberk, Czech Republic, will present a technological demonstrator of the DITA artillery system in its Czech premiere at IDET 2021, as a brand new product in the company's development programme. It is a fully automated wheeled howitzer on a Tatra chassis with a 155 mm calibre weapon fully compatible with NATO standards. Thanks to a high degree of automation and electronic equipment, it has only a two-member crew and is characterized by highly efficient fire to a distance of up to 39 km with standard NATO ammunition with high-explosive base bleed (HE BB) shells.

Caesar 8x8

NEXTER Defence Systems, Hall P, Stand 076

The biggest attraction of the Nexter Group's exposition at this year's IDET trade fair will be the Caesar 8x8 artillery system. On 30 September, the Czech Minister of Defence Lubomír Metnar signed an agreement in the presence of the Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic Florence Parly and Nicolas Chamussy as CEO of Nexter, for the purchase 52 Caesar 8x8 howitzers for the Czech Army. Thanks to this contract, the Czech Republic becomes the third European customer and the seventh user of the Caesar system in the world. The Caesar 8x8 howitzer, which will be exhibited at IDET 2021, corresponds to the version mounted on the Tatra chassis that was delivered to the Danish army. The final configuration of the Czech version is still a matter of negotiations with the end user.

FN MAG 58M machine gun for Mi-17 and Mi-171 helicopters

LOM Praha, Hall P, Stand 003

The state enterprise LOM PRAHA will present for the first time its unique solution for the installation of the FN MAG®58M machine gun, ready for use on board Mi-17 and Mi-171 transport helicopters, using an established method of attachment to standardized NATO rails with the option of placement in doors or rear gates of helicopter cargo cabin. The rail system, designed by a state-owned enterprise, is already being used successfully on board Czech army helicopters. The MAG®58M machine gun with a calibre of 7.62 mm and a rate of fire of 650 to 1000 rounds per minute developed by the Belgian company FN HERSTAL with its own weight of only 12 kg is designed for ground, naval and air forces.

Rheinmetall Robotics L (robotic dog)

Rheinmetall AG, Hall P, Stand 034

For the support of soldiers during various missions, Rheinmetall has designed several robotic remote control aids, such as the four-legged Rheinmetall Robotics L robot. This system can carry various modules for reconnaissance, protection, detection, perform a number of other tasks and help soldiers. It is especially suitable for use in urban environment.

ASCOD vehicle

GENERAL DYNAMICS European Land Systems, Hall P, Stand 050

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) will present its ASCOD vehicle at IDET 2021. The ASCOD platform is a powerful and versatile ground platform for current and future operations conducted by NATO member states. Simultaneously with the displayed ASCOD vehicle, the will also be Primoco One 150, a Czech-made unmanned aerial vehicle, which will transmit the surrounding image to the vehicle in real time.

TATRA FORCE 6x6 "Bison"

TATRA TRUCK a.s., Czechoslovak Group exposition (Hall  P, Stand 035)

Bison, a new rescue and removal car on a Tatra Force chassis, will have its premiere at the expo as well. The vehicle is especially designed as a rescue and removal vehicle with a fully hydraulic body for rescuing and removing of, for example, stalled cars or trucks, buses, heavy trucks, tractors with semi-trailers, special vehicles, etc.

Parachute operations simulator

e.sigma, Hall P, Stand 038

SOKOL is a high-performance e.sigma product for the entire spectrum of parachute operations training.  SOKOL offers a comprehensive solution that includes all the functions of the jump, including HALO and HAHO jumps and all types of parachutes, including the backup and stabilization parachute. SOKOL was especially developed for multi-level and comprehensive training of all parachutists, from beginners to paratroopers, for special units and amphibious units. SOKOL's extensive 3D geo-specific visual databases offer a wide range of different terrains that serve as the basis for all types of planning of training and missions.

Exposition of the Czech Ministry of Defence and the Czech Army

Hall P, Stand 001

The exposition of the Czech Ministry of Defence and the Czech Army will feature Toyota Hilux passenger off-road vehicles, which will ultimately replace the UAZ and Land Rover vehicles in the coming years; also displayed will be new Pandur combat vehicles and RBS-70NG Ground-Based Air Defence (GBAD) system sets. In the part dedicated to legacy, the oldest chemical reconnaissance vehicle will be exhibited, which can be compared with the current modern light armoured vehicle for chemical specialists.

Start-up Innovation Pavilion

Hall P, Stand 054

As part of a new project organized by the Association of the Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic, innovative Czech start-up companies in the field of the defence and security industry will be presented. CactuX LINACTION will present a new technology in the form of an industrial CT, based on a high-performance X-ray source. This device will be the first in the Czech Republic and Europe to be used for industrial solutions and to help improve and control the quality of components; it was developed  in Brno and, the first prototype works in Cincinnati, USA.

The company OteSound / OteSpace develops rocket carriers of small satellites into orbit; its main activity is the development of liquid-fuelled rocket engines.

The company Quantasoft deals with technologies in the field of object recognition, face recognition and biometrics. At the expo, it will present its new products from the field of smart video analysis (visual weapon detector, identification of persons based on figure and face, etc.)

The company SpaceKnow will display detection and identification of military facilities and units using artificial intelligence.

The company Spectrasol will exhibit the world's unique technology of bio-optimized LED light sources that resemble natural daylight.

3D printing in the defence industry

MCAE Systems, Hall P, Stand 045A

3DEES, Hall P, Stand 052



Date: 6 Oct 2021 09:35:00

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