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CIMT Beijing 2021 - demonstration of the exposition realization abroad under the baton of the covid-19 restriction

Will such a large event with around 200,000 people take place? Will companies be willing to overcome the organizational and operational limitations of covid-19? What will the fair look like when foreign participants have to go to the mandatory 21-day quarantine ?! And how do we actually do it under these conditions…?

CIMT 2021 Every foreign realization is a new adventure at this time. Many fundamental issues were addressed during the preparatory period and during the actual implementation of the fair. In the end, everything was resolved and we realized the Czech joint stand in Beijing at the premiere, without leaving Brno - in fact, even "from the home office"!

The CIMT Engineering Fair in Beijing, China is one of the most prestigious trade fairs in the field of machine tools and forming machines in the world and attracts visitors not only from mainland China, but from the entire East Asian region. Other countries, led by Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA, also have large national pavilions in the order of several thousand square meters. All the more interested in how the fair will work under current restrictions for foreign participants.

CIMT 2021 In China alone, the limitations and extent of the covid-19 epidemic are already relatively low. However, the situation is worse for participants from abroad who have to go to a strictly closed hotel quarantine for 3 weeks. This is something that almost no one will undergo at the fair due to 5 days. Thus, even in the case of the Czech official exposition, it was exceptionally decided that neither the MIT project manager nor the implementer would be on site. The Czech exhibitors adapted in the same way. No one from the Czech Republic was present on the spot and our companies were represented at the exhibition by their local Chinese representatives. It was not just a case of a Czech exhibition. The large presentations of Germany, Switzerland and the USA looked similar. Only Chinese faces everywhere.

We have therefore set the implementation of the entire order to remote control since the start of work. Although China is very far away and one of the most complicated destinations in terms of quality management and maintenance, BVV has been implementing exhibitions there for several decades and as one of the few Czech realization companies we could guarantee the construction of the Czech official exhibition to the appropriate extent and quality despite restrictions. for travel. Everything went great, communication only with the chat application, handing over the stand using annotated video via mobile phones… just a different time.

CIMT 2021 All participants evaluated our service, the provision of the exhibition and, finally, the result of the fair very well. Although foreign representatives of companies and visitors were absent from the fair, China itself is such a huge market with growing potential that all Czech companies were satisfied with the quality and number of negotiations and potential business opportunities. According to official statistics, 1509 exhibitors from 27 countries and 122,000 visitors took part in CIMT 2021. This means a decrease of approximately 12% compared to 2019.

Company feedback:

 "Our company has significantly increased sales to Chinese customers in recent years. This also led us to the fact that in 2021 we decided to significantly increase the size of our stand area at Cimta. We were pleased that, despite the very difficult global situation, we managed to prepare everything perfectly and in time. Our Chinese sales representative represented us at our stand, and according to information from him, it was a very commercially successful exhibition, " said Ing. Antonín Kopřiva, Sales Director of KSK Precise Motion. Representative of KSK in China Sun Huaning added: “We were very surprised by the number of qualified visitors at CIMT 2021. Due to the epidemic measures, we honestly did not expect such attendance. We have been participating in the fair for several years in a row and we will definitely continue to participate. ”

On behalf of TOS Varnsdorf, RETOS Varnsdorf, Walter and TOS Olomouc, their representative Mr. Chen Bangwei: “We have been at CIMT regularly since 2009. This year we were very surprised by the level of visitors who had a clear goal, such as market research, purchasing equipment, finding contacts. Due to the epidemic situation, many companies waited last year with investments to restart the market. Now the situation in China is stable, so it's time to look for new opportunities. " Only the director of the TOS branch in Shanghai, Mr. Petr Bališ, added: "It is difficult to evaluate the course of the fair without being present on the spot, but according to information from our representatives, the participation of our company was a great benefit despite all restrictions."

"The CIMT2021 exhibition was one of the few full-time exhibitions for the duration of the measures related to the covid-19 disease. During this period, when it was not possible to organize full-time exhibitions, experiments were carried out with virtual, video or online exhibitions. From the experience of our members who participated in these exhibitions, their marketing reach cannot be compared with full-time exhibitions. In the coming years, full-time exhibitions for foreign trade will remain irreplaceable. This fact was also confirmed by the CIMT 2021 exhibition, which was perfectly prepared by the representatives of the BVV exhibition and this fact was appreciated not only by the companies that presented themselves at the Czech exhibition, but also by their Chinese customers. The importance of the exhibition is further emphasized by the fact that Czech manufacturers are strongly feeling the recovery of the economy at this time, which is reflected in new orders from all countries, including China, " added Ing. Bedrich Musil.

CIMT 2021

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