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8.-12.11. 2021

International Engineering Fair

Equipment for changing the geometry of a motorcycle chassis

MSV 2021 Gold Medal

Product: Zařízení pro změnu geometrie podvozku motocyklu
Location: Hall V, No. st. 165
Producer: Fakulta strojní VŠB-TUO, Katedra aplikované mechaniky a Institut dopravy
Fakulta strojní VŠB-TUO, Katedra aplikované mechaniky a Institut dopravy

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The device in the form of a universally applicable front wheel suspension for motorcycles allows the geometry of the chassis of single-track vehicles to be changed. With this change, it significantly affects the driving characteristics according to the requirements of operation and safety in automatic mode, or according to the driver's sense of suitability by manual selection. The aim is to expand their utility value when using this device for conventional motorcycles and to facilitate their operation in various modes. The devices allow, for example (reduction of ground clearance when boarding, change of steering radius when handling in limited space, improvement of maneuverability at low speeds, increase of motorcycle stability in high speed, higher stability during braking or rapid acceleration, change of arodynamic resistance depending on speed , ...)


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