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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

FAQ - Gold Medal MSV

Question: When is the deadline for registration?

16 September 2022

Question: When is it best to register?

Ideally, send the registration form as soon as you decide to participate. You then have a relatively generous time allowance to complete everything. You can consult whatever you need with the competition administrator and prepare in detail for the commission.

Question: In the registration form it is necessary to enter a brief description of the exhibit. What should I do if it doesn't fit in the box in full?

Not a big deal. You always submit two versions of the registration form – a hardcopy with a signature and stamp, and electronic (just fill it in and save the pdf). The characteristics of the exhibit will therefore be visible in the electronic registration form by scrolling down and it is possible to continue working with it.

Question: Is it necessary to write the name of the exhibit and its characteristics in English?

Yes, it is necessary because we put everything on the web in several language versions, and we translate all the materials. It is therefore better if this information comes directly from you in order to avoid translation inaccuracies.

Question: What all do I need to attach to the application?

Mandatory documents are especially important, which also include a commentary on the criteria. These are described in Annexes P1, P2 and P3. This year we tried to simplify the criteria and the overall registration as much as possible. You fill in everything electronically, tick the boxes and then provide any extended comments. Supporting documents always complete the product information, hence, make sure not to underestimate them. Everything is specified in the statutes of the competition (Article 5).

Question: Why do I have to send documents both in electronic forms?

After sending in the documents, the administrator of the competition uploads everything to the website reserved for the MSV commission only. Before the commission meeting, everyone studies the materials, so they arrive perfectly prepared. The advantage for you is that if any material needs to be added, you will be given notice about such a necessity and you will not get minus points for not delivering the document.

Question: When will I get the invoice?

After receiving the application, you will be issued an advance invoice with payment details, which will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the application for participation in the fair. After sending the application, it is therefore necessary to pay the registration fee based on the billing information provided on the invoice. After the end of the expo, we will send you the final invoice stating the amount paid in the relevant billing period.

Question: How is the documentation assessed?

The secretary and the chairperson of the evaluation commission will meet a few days before the commission meeting to complete the documentation and the exhibitors still have time to provide the necessary materials.

This is checked when the documentation is received by the organizer, but it also needs to be checked by a specialist. If the documentation meets the basic conditions while a special document is missing, the commission shall ask for it.

Question: How and when will the commission sit for the assessment?

The evaluation commission sits one day prior to the expo, which is 3 October 2022. It learns about the exhibits entered, which are then assigned to individual members of the commission according to their expertise, and they study the exhibits. After reading through the documents, the exhibits are viewed directly at the exhibitors' stands – starting from 1.00 pm (which will be reminded and clearly specified by the organizer).

Eventually, a meeting of the commission will take place, resulting in the ultimate shortlist of exhibits from which the commission selects those that receive the MSV Gold Medal award.

Question: When will the award ceremony of the competition be held?

The results will be announced at the gala evening of the Gold Medal competition, on the first day of the expo – 4 October 2022. Exhibitors, or other possible stakeholders (manufacturers) thus have the opportunity to make a marketing use of the prize won by the exhibit for the entire duration of the expo. Leaders in industry and politics will be present at the gala evening.

Question: Best advice on how to register?

Imagine that you are providing information to a very experienced customer who wants complete information from you so that they can decide on your product. In short, they want comprehensive information, including visualizations, tests, reports, etc. Why are you the best? What do you have that the competition doesn't have?


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