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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

CED: Introduction of exhibitors


CED Central European Economic Development Network Nonprofit Ltd., as a member institution of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for Hungary's export promotion and the implementation of the country’s economic development efforts in Central Europe.

Thanks to our 23 foreign offices in the neighbouring countries and in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and our Hungarian presence across several county seats, we have been able to accurately explore both demand and supply. Through the harmonization of our extended network we aim to facilitate the successful entry of Hungarian enterprises into foreign markets, subsequently increasing Hungary’s export volume and enhancing the region’s economic competitiveness.

We have developed our extensive service portfolio, that covers all segments of commercial processes, in close compliance with the needs of Hungarian enterprises and international trends. All this ensures that all of our partners, regardless of their size and export experience, can use our toolkit the most effectively, which includes targeted partner search and mediation, monitoring specific export opportunities, participation in regional trade fairs with discounts and ensuring company representation.

B&O Engineering

B&O Ltd. was established by Balázs Borsos and Attila Óvári. Their purpose was efficient solving of the problems occur in industry.

In the beginning they dealt with classic engineering activities and technical guidance. During the years the team gathered lots of professional knowledge and experience, therefore the company developed quickly.

Currently we have more than 40 employees working to help our clients get the most out of their business.

We are proud to say that we are a prominent player in the market, as evidenced by our Europe-wide references as both a partner and a distributor.

BOSKO Hidraulika

Our activity started in 1990 – László Boskó, as an individual entrepreneur started to apply the Mobile Galvanic Technology that was unrivalled in Hungary that time.

In 1995 our activity was expanded to include hard chromium plating. In this year we purchased a new plant and the number of staff reached 10 persons.

By 1999 our scope of activity was expanded to include renewal and manufacturing of hydraulic working cylinders, a new manufacturing hall was purchased and our number of our employees exceeded 40 persons.

In 2003, when Hungary joined the European Community, our export activity increased at a high rate and we built a new machining hall. In 2007, our export to the EU represented 70 % of our total production and the number of our staff exceeded 60 persons.

In 2009 the wave of economic crisis reached our firm as well, our order pool was restructured; as a result of this, our company was reorganized.

From 2010 we have been pursuing our activity under the name: BOSKO-HIDRAULIKA KFT.

Deák Delta

Deák Delta Ldt. was founded in 1997 but previously had operated with the same profile as a limited partnership as one of the first of this kind of corporation in county Csongrád.

Our main office is located at Mártély in South Hungary. We have other offices at Kistelek, Hódmezővásárhely and Szeged.

There are three directors managing the professional work for a total of 25 person working in the company, most of them with a university degree. Our managing director, Tibor Hambek is a metallurgy automation engineer, cable industry professional engineer is working in technology research and development since 1976.

Our company is renovating and modernizing various industrial production machinery, develops and produces unique and special equipment and prototypes. Our profile consists of any other means of development in the field of industrial machinery, energetics, cable and metallurgy industry that requires highly advanced engineering, development and special production capabilities.

With our development engineers we renovated over 50 industrial production lines, mostly extruders, and deployed them in factories of SIEMENS, PIRELLI and PRYSMIAN in the last 10 years.

Our company developed and delivered the complex dispenser and remote monitoring system for the 8000kg monument called “IDŐKERÉK” that was raised to celebrate Hungary’s entry to the European Union at 30 April 2004. This monument is a unique creation on the world.

Our company worked in a joint R&D operation with the Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA TAKI) within the LIFE # program founded directly by the EU. Our first joint development was the “Soil biological activity monitoring system”.   We won European Union grants to support completing our activities within the project called „Monitoring Soil Biological Activity by using a novel tool. EDAPHOLOG-System- system building and field testing”.

We won and developed numerous grants in the field of research and development in the last 10 years.

Beside the R&D activity our company subcontracts supplier activities to a number of regional manufacturing and exporting companies in the following areas: production of parts for machines and equipment manufactured for export, construction of industrial control systems and control cabinets, provision of regular engineering services required for large industrial manufacturing plants.

Our company's new activity is the complex construction of solar power plants with a power of 0,5 mW which includes the planning, construction, official handover, commissioning and the facility management of these power plants.

In 2019 our company established a new electronic development and production plant in Szeged, where it is possible to carry out electronic development and production tasks for industrial, research and development purposes, as well as for external customers. At the plant we installed an SMD production line suitable for the production of large-scale electronic circuits. Here it is also possible to develop electronic products of small, medium and large series and to manufacture them manually or automatically.


Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft (Ditec), a reliable, constantly growing and developing gate technology company, which has been operating in the gate technology market since 1989 – in the installation of various automatic garage doors, door openers, automatic glass doors, flexible high-speed doors, automatic barriers and intercom systems – has gained considerable experience exposed in domestic circles.

We organize several in-service training courses at our site every year, thus helping our national network of specialist dealers to install the products more efficiently. In recent years, we have been able to set up central door technology specialist shops in all counties, so we can ensure DITEC quality throughout the country, as these centers have a stock, showroom and 24-hour service for our new and future customers.

With this comprehensive service, we can ensure that our customers receive the most favorable service and the highest quality service expected in the markets for automatic glass doors, automatic barriers, automatic door openers, industrial high-speed doors and industrial sectional doors. Our products have a serious reference. Ditec gate technology has long been used in factories, assembly halls, public institutions, banks and, last but not least, in private homes.

Our success is mainly due to our high-quality products, warehousing and service that ensure a continuous supply of materials. A well-trained, multilingual team will offer you its services from planning to full execution, from the start of the project to the final settlement and finishing work.

 We believe that in the gate technology, gate automation, automatic barrier, automatic glass door, high-speed gate and sectional gate business, in which we also operate, we are able to meet and keep pace with the increased needs of our partners with a lot of effort and investment.

Following the development of the Hungarian construction and real estate market, we can be confronted with the fact that in order to maintain their competitiveness, construction actors use more and more high-quality gate technology products and tools to provide higher levels of services in the implementation of projects.

Our well-established network of business relationships, improved personal relationships, and increasing our investments and technical developments, all create an advantage that guarantees the success of the projects you implement.


QTICS Group is a dynamically growing industrial player in the international Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector. The Testing, Inspection and Certification industry is based on the demand for the conformity assessment of increasingly complex technological value creation procedures, processes, products and the persons operating them. Regarding both its professional portfolio and international expansion, QTICS Group applies the principle of network building in its strategic operations. The member companies of the Group possess and develop national, European and international authorizations (accreditations, notifications, designations) in order to be able to provide independent, objective, third party complex conformity assessment services in the selected industrial segment as a one-stop-shop. The Group operates primarily in four industrial segments and six service groups:

Group members:

  • CCLAB – The agile cybersecurity lab
  • CerTrust (Notified Body 2806)
  • ConformiTICsLab
  • Conformity Experts s.r.o
  • MTLab eXpert
  • SAASCO conformity experts
  • TAM CERT (Notified Body 2102)


Moltech is specialized in offering industrial solutions in machine belt type power-transmission and conveying processes. Our factory workshop produces v-belts, conveyer belts and conveyor rollers for industrial dealers and end-users across Europe, MiddleEast. Australia and China. All products are tailored to machines, to factories and/or to their representative technical service dealers. Moltech has been engaged in designing and producing fully tailored conveyor installations for a large variety of factories, o.a. in poultry-processing, metal-waste processing, distribution centers and printing houses. Moltech is located in the south of Hungary close to the city of Szeged at the Serbian border.

Rimóczi Filters

Rimóczi Filters is a specialist in the manufacturing of both standard and customized industrial liquid, air and dust filtration products and a servicer of expanded filter management since 1991.

Our Product Range involves a wide scale of item lines such as filter cartridges, filter elements, equipment and accessories that are considered as a necessity in professional air, liquid and dust filtration. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive solutions in relations with planning and installing of the above-mentioned filtration devices. Rimóczi Filters has two modernized production sites, just as well as a logistic warehouse in Hungary.

Our aim is to offer complete filtration solutions to our associates and further to provide professional maintenance and logistic services for client requests.


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