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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

Digital Stage, Biomorphic Industry Conference


Digital Stage as a space for discussion

Live broadcast from the Digital Stage regularly raises the interest of visitors to the Engineering Fair. This year, too, a number of discussions and talks are planned on topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G networks, digitization in start-ups or the use of information systems. Spectators can follow everything directly at the fair or via an online stream on the MSV website.

Biomorphic Industry Conference

On Thursday 6 October, the third edition of the international conference entitled Biomorphic Industry will take place. It will focus on formulating a vision of the Czech economy using artificial intelligence as a key approach to digitization on a corporate and national basis. The conference programme will consist of four thematic areas.

The first of them will focus on the future of industry and the vision of the Czech economy with an emphasis on the digital transformation of the industrial environment. The trends that have been prevailing in the Czech industry and its digital transformation over the last four years will be commented on. At the same time, the current situation in the energy sector and the gradual deployment of advanced digital technologies in the energy management of companies will also be discussed.

The next block will discuss smart data and artificial intelligence as a path to a biomorphic industry will outline the possibilities of Czech industry and relevant digitization technologies with regard to possible business expansion.

The third block of the conference will be dedicated to the issues of digital infrastructure as a basis of digital factories, the risks associated with the acquisition and operation of this infrastructure, and the possibilities of its financing. A key technology for future digital infrastructure is 5G, and then 6G technology in the future.

The last block will focus on the possibilities of expansion of the Czech economy.

Tickets for the conference are available online at www.msvdigitalnitovarna.cz.


Date: 3 Oct 2022 16:32:00

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