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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair


LUCA LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS spółka z o.o. (limited liability company) LUCA Logistic Solutions is an international team of constructors and programmers, who design, improve and implement solutions in the scope of warehouse equipment. LUCA implements a system solutions and runs, repair and maintain services in the scope of logistic systems.

The company, apart from it’s original solutions Pick-by Point®, Pick-Radar®, Pick-by Watch ® Pick-by Frame® and Pick-by ePaper® specializes also in Pick-by Scan, Pick-by Light and Pick-by Voice and Pick-by Vision systems. LUCA delivers innovative technologies to warehousing, logistics and ecommerce industry that improve peoples work, make it easer, faster, hassle-free and more efficent.

LUCA is specialized not only in picking technologies. We also deliver elocation and tracking services as well as RFID systems for warehousing, stock control, quality control and to any environment where RFID is needed. We integrate whole variety of picking systems with all kinds of WMS and ERP systems to improve and speed up processes but also to eliminate human error. We deliver solutions to: automotive industry (supermarkets and productions lines), ecommerce, pharmacy industry, wholesales, production lines, logistics and many more.


Date: 14 Sep 2022 07:34:00

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