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Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape

The consequences of climate change also affect Czech agriculture


Livestock production is at the top level in the Czech Republic and has a high export potential. Representatives of agricultural organizations agreed on this at the beginning of all concurrently held events – the National Show of Livestock, the ANIMAL TECH and NATUR EXPO BRNO trade fairs and the National Gamekeeping Show.

The opening ceremony took place at the cattle show pier in Hall P in the presence of spectators and VIP guests; ten exhibition bulls were haltered along the pier. The attendees were first welcomed by Jiří Kuliš, CEO of Trade Fairs Brno. He appreciated the realization of the exhibition in a new concept where, together with livestock are also presented technologies for animal production and the related topic of sustainable life in the landscape. He thanked all the people who made possible the presence of 900 pieces of livestock and also the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic for the support of the whole exhibition. In conclusion, he expressed his admiration to all breeders who document the high level of breeding in the Czech Republic at the National Show.

The Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka pointed out in his address that agriculture in the European Union is past a relatively complicated period, from which Czech farmers and breeders came out very well. "In terms of livestock productivity, especially dairy production and meat production, the Czech Republic is one of the ten best countries in the world. I am very proud of what our farmers and our ancestors have done. Looking at these noble animals, I must say that we are the real leaders, and in the last three years I have travelled a big part of the world and seen agricultural practices in about forty countries," said Minister Jurečka, stressing that the National Exhibition has already received the format of a significant international exhibition, where international guests can see over 900 pieces of top-quality livestock. "We are here to support the export efforts of our farmers and to export the best we have in the fields of both livestock and agricultural technology, nutrition and counselling. I would like to thank all those who participated in this event and I would like the exhibition to contribute to increasing the export and spread the good name of our breeders."

The vice-president of the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic Václav Hlaváček also expressed the same view, as well as Josef Kučera, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Czech-Moravian Breeders’ Association, which for the first time patronaged the displays of the National Show. "The Czech Republic is the top among exporters of genetic material and our animals are appreciated in a number of foreign markets. This is reaffirmed by the abundant participation of international guests here in Brno where we want to show them the long-term results of our breeders’ work," said Josef Kučera.

Other speakers highlighted the connection with the new NATUR EXPO BRNO fair. The undisputable climate change and its consequences for agriculture were discussed by the Deputy Minister of the Environment Vladimír Dolejský, while the Chairman of the Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic, Martin Pýcha, pointed out at the relationship between changes in the landscape and livestock production. "I am very pleased that this exhibition has found its place in the calendars not only of breeders, but also of the lay public, and I very much welcome the expansion of the event  by  the NATURA EXPO BRNO exhibition and the issue of sustainable development of the landscape. The relationship may not be visible at first glance, but the Czech Republic is a typical example of a country where a large decline in livestock production happened in the past, which is negatively reflected in condition of the landscape that needs livestock and caring farmers," said Martin Pýcha. Speakers also pointed out that hunting is part of the care of the landscape and wildlife animals.

At the close of the opening ceremony, one of the visiting international guests was invited to the microphone. Abdulsatar Majeed,  Agriculture Minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, congratulated the organizers for a beautiful exhibition and highlighted very good relationships both at political and business levels. "I am glad we can deepen our relationships in the field of agriculture, and we sign a contract with the company Zetor tomorrow in Brno," he said. The exhibition will also be attended by delegations from the Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan, incoming missions from Afghanistan, Angola, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and delegations of agrarian chambers of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Date: 11 May 2017 15:15:00

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