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Exhibition Hall B

An exhibition hall of 121 metres length and 65 metres width has got a ground plan utility area of 6,900 sqm on the ground floor, plus 4,500 sqm on the gallery; the total height of 18 m is over the area of 93 x 32 metres, the height under the gallery is 7.1 m, above the gallery being 5.2 m. The building is made of a steel structure covered with glass. The hall can be conveniently heated in winter season.

Possibilities of use

The hall can be used for events with the number of participants exceeding 3,000 persons. Continuous area without columns and other barriers was successfully used in the fair off-season as a sports hall for the BVV Open tennis tournament, cyclo-trial competitions, etc. A relatively large area of the hall can be used for advertising, promotion purposes, advertising spots and videos shooting and others.

Exhibition Hall B - Ground plan


Information sheets on hall to be downloaded here

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