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15.-16.5. 2019

International Stainless Steel Fair

Stainless 2017 in figures


142 exhibitors from 27 countries
2,994 sqm of net exhibition area
2,064 professional visitors from 45 countries

Final report to download:

Quotes About the Fair

Marcus Dreischer, Commercial Director, Nirotec, Germany
We are particularly satisfied with the quality of our customers. People came to us excellently prepared, they knew exactly what we are dealing with. I'd say even more new customers stopped by than the existing ones. As far as nationality is concerned, I would say that about a third of customers are from the Czech Republic, the rest from foreign countries such as Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and other countries of Eastern Europe. But it is interesting that people from France or Finland came here as well. It's a very interesting visitor mix. Overall, we are really satisfied with the fair.

Jakub Chundela, Business Manager, VALBRUNA GROUP, Czech Republic
We are manufacturers who supply goods to distributors, so mostly Czech customers come to us. At the Stainless fair I met with my regular customers, so I'm happy. The fair fulfilled its purpose for me.

Silke Löser, Marketing Manager, STAPPERT, Germany
We have been attending Stainless for a long time. In the course of time we enlarged our stand because we are interested in the Czech market. But not only Czech customers came to us, customers from all over Europe also arrived here.

Frank Kniezner, Sales Executive, Walzwerke Einsal, Germany
If I should evaluate the first day of the fair, it was very successful for me. A lot of visitors dropped by in our exposition, most of them our existing customers. But I like the fact that thanks to this expo I saved on my business trips throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as I meet all these people in one place. As a benefit of the fair I see for sure that it is the gateway to Eastern Europe for us.

Vendula Žůrková, Sales Rep, Strojírny a opravny Milenov, Czech Republic
We are a manufacturing company and at the fair we are mostly visited by suppliers. So far we have mainly met with existing customers here. Participation in Stainless is enlivening for me, we show customers that we are here and we work. We see it as a good marketing tool.

Marcus Kramer, Sales Manager, Chr. Höver & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG Leppe Edelstahl, Germany
We participate in Stainless for the first time. And to be honest, we did not come here with predetermined expectations. I can say, however, that the first day was very good for us, we met with customers from all over the world here. I see that as one of the advantages of the fair – I have meetings with customers in one place.

Marc Verbeeck, Sales Rep, Helaxa, Belgium
Attending this expo met our expectations, we are satisfied with it. We are glad that our regular customers stopped by our stand. We don’t have any objections concerning the organization of the fair, and we definitely count on coming to the next edition of Stainless.

Izabella Suchorzynska, Marketing Manager, NOVA TRADING, Poland
We have been participating in Stainless since the very first year. Also this year we are very happy with the number of customers who came to us, a lot of them being invited by ourselves. All our sales reps are busy. We do not focus only on the Czech and the Slovak markets, so we like that customers come to us also from Germany, Austria, Croatia or Belarus. We'll meet all of them at the same time in one place. In short, our attendance brings us a lot of benefits.

Birgit Asmus, Sales Department, Damstahl, Germany
A lot of customers, it's fine, it's great to see our customers in two days. And we don't have to travel anywhere. Czech customers are the most frequent at our stand, but people came here also from Belarus, and the Baltic states. It's good for keeping in touch, it's better than by phone or e-mail.

Jeppe Jensen, Product Manager, Inox, Denmark
The first day was very good for us, we are happy with the customers who came to us. We were here for the first time two years ago, so some people come back to us, but we also have new contacts. Customers are coming to us especially from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, but there were also a few Russians. Of course I wouldn't be angry, if there were more. I also appreciate the organizational side, people from BVV Trade Fairs Brno have done a great job.

Sebastian Krok, CEO, Hempel Special Metals, Poland
We are happy with Stainless just as always. I am pleased that we met the existing customers and at the same time we got new interesting contacts. We will definitely not miss the next expo.

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