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30.3. - 3.4. 2014

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Free Concept


Product: Free Concept
Location: A1/038
Producer: BOGBALLE A/S
Exhibitor: Honoris a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The system uses all the hardware and software capabilities of conventional tablets to control high-end features of Bogballe fertilizer spreaders using GPS.

Installing the free-up program CalibratorFree from the GooglePlay ( Android 4.0), the tablet turns into a simulated ISO BUS terminal. While in the left part of the tablet screen runs the GPS navigation, the right section offers a manual user interface to access all the spreader functions. The system is built essentially to allow the automatic GPS controlled functions of fertilizer application. In particular the automatic START / STOP on the headlands and the 8-section control of the spread pattern in field wedges .

The Bogballe spreader controller (Calibrator ZURF) is connected to the tablet via WiFi technology. A tiny communication module connected to the Bogballe controller works as a WiFi router. The module also provides three extra COM ports. One is used to connect the external GPS antenna, the two remaining ones can be used as access points for VRA systems (N -sensor , etc. ).

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

It is the first system of this kind used in agriculture:

1. The user of a Bogballe spreader is not pushed to buy an additional GPS navigation device, or to deal with compatibility issues with existing navigation

2. Thanks to integration into a single touch screen the user gets comfort comparable to the latest ISO BUS Terminals

3. Using wireless communication simplifies the installation in the tractor and even the possibility of transfer to another tractor

4. The price of all equipment, including an antenna and a tablet does not exceed 2000 € without VAT

5. The current version of Free Calibrator and its future improvements are always available free of charge.


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