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30.3. - 3.4. 2014

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Vredo ZBF disc applicator


Product: Vredo ZBF disc applicator
Location: Hall B, st. 001
Producer: VREDO Dodewaard BV
Exhibitor: P & L, spol. s r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Vredo ZBF disc applicator for zone manure and digestate application in optimal root depth.

The benefit of this method ecological application is based on zone application of fertilizer into the soil with minimal leakage of nitrogen into the air. This technology can be used for high rates applications into the grasslands and other crops without locally increased leakage of ammonia into the air or create conditions for nitrogen compounds leaching.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Two disk openers significantly reduce the risk of water erosion on sloping land.

Robust design with low mass is achieved using high-strength steel.

Special three-and four-point hitch design allows the aggregation with tractor, tank and special self-propelled vehicle. Moving side wings led on pair of gauge wheels allow terrene copying on uneven ground. As the only manufacturer in the market, Vredo company uses individual suspension for each application unit with 410 mm open double disc opener. Open hard disk eliminates soil clogging between discs and this effect allows application in wet conditions where competitive machines already cannot work.


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