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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Tractor platform trailer with hydraulic sideboards Type PRS-3S/S18


Product: Tractor platform trailer with hydraulic sideboards Type PRS-3S/S18
Location: Hall K, st. no. 003
Producer: WIELTON S.A.
Exhibitor: AGROVO CZ  s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Tractor platform trailer of the producer WIELTON S.A. type PRS-3S/S18 with hydraulic lateral protective sideboards to ensure the load of round or square straw bales, the safeguarding of the load with straps is not needed any more, the collection of bales and the field works are made faster. A high importance is put to meeting the European road safety standard EN 1264 when using the hydraulic sideboards. The independent hydraulic regulation of the lateral structure on the right and left sides ensures the much more comfortable handling during the loading and unloading. The robust chassis is being spring-loaded due to its structure and the lateral edges of the low-loading trailer possess increased sections to provide the stability on the entire length of the machine. We speak about the patented technical solution within the Polish and German markets.  As the only trailer of this type this tractor platform trailer has been submitted to the European trials and certification process according to the VDI DIN EN 12642 Annex B, regarding the lateral pressure of the hydraulic sideboards when fully loaded and during the 40 km speed, the high safety is reached within the traffic and operation in the field. This type of the tractor platform trailer is highly appreciated by its end users and a particular attention is paid to it by the farmers.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

We speak about the innovation from 2015. There is no other producer of this type of platform trailer with the hydraulic sideboards designed for tractors in the European and Czech markets until now.  Across Europe we can mention significantly low quantity of producers however they do not have certification for safety.

The company of WIELTON S.A. is the owner of its patent for the technical solution of the hydraulic sideboards.

In comparison to the competitors the high attention is paid to safety during the road traffic, the company of  WIELTON S.A. is one of very few companies possessing the Certificate for lateral pressure and hydraulic sideboards when fully loaded, the competitors are certified only regarding the safeguarding of the load with strips.

Our exhibit draws attention especially to safety and speed when handling the load.


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