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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Multifunctional carrier RAPTOR Hydro


Product: Multifunctional carrier RAPTOR Hydro
Location: Open area C3, st. no. 001
Producer: VARI a. s.
Exhibitor: VARI a. s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Brief characteristics:

The multifunctional carrier RAPTOR Hydro is a two-wheel walk-behind machine, which enables connection of a whole range of accessories for cutting and maintenance of meadow vegetation, mulching of mixed plant and self-seeding stands, for removing impurities or snow, processing of woody waste and load transporting. It is intended for demanding users, municipal services or small municipalities, which prefer sophisticated technical solutions, intuitive control, such ergonomics, that limits operator´s tiredness, simple connection of adapters, safety, high performance and effective service of the machine. The carrier chassis is assembled from pressed parts made from deep drawn high strength sheet metal, which ensure compactness of design and excel in high resistance and low weight at the same time. Two main components of the carrier – the gearbox and the adapter drive clutch/brake – make use of the patents of American companies HILLIARD and NORAM. The other components (tyres, fuel system, control elements) were newly developed at the basis of the latest knowledge and requirements of safety standards in the agricultural and garden machinery branch as well.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

The RAPTOR Hydro multifunctional carrier differs from the competition in the high volume of usage of high strength sheet metals, which enabled to produce a compact, well-balanced machine with tough resistant chassis. The machine is equipped with an additional fuel tank, that is connected with the engine tank, so that the total fuel volume of 5,6 litres increases the working time with no need of refuelling five times in comparison with the competition. Fixed connection of adapters eliminates the usual adjusting of the adapter into the correct position after connecting to the carrier. Thanks to the built-in dry single disc clutch of the adapter drive it is not needed for the operator to connect the control cables of the adapters in a complicated way. The powerful brake, which is integrated into the clutch, reliably stops the working adapter according to the safety standards for the duration of the machine lifetime with no need of adjusting the brake. The automatic differential lock works independently of the operator, which facilitates the hand manipulation of the machine, especially in the hardly accessible terrain or on slopes. The multi-functionality of the machine is even supported by the possibility to add wheel weights, which improves the wheel adhesion necessary for pulling the tipping trailer.


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