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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Hot-air grain dryer STELA Bi Turbo


Product: Hot-air grain dryer STELA Bi Turbo
Location: Hall V, st. no. 007
Producer: Stela Laxhuber GmbH
Exhibitor: Pawlica s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Bi Turbo dryer boasts unique construction using a two-phase drying system with two different drying air temperatures. During the first phase, when significant amount of moisture is released, the product is dried by a much cooler airflow than it is usual. In the second phase the airflow preheated by the process of grain drying is used and this airflow is heated-up to reach a higher temperature. Through this process higher drying capacity is reached while using significantly lower amount of drying air, contributing to lower energy consumption, lower damage to the product and lower dust emissions.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Technical solution to dried product warming is introduced by a unique STELA system. More evenly dried product and its lower level of damage is reached thanks to a combined drying process using two different airflow temperatures and counter flow of air. Most importantly, the energy consumption based on the operational testing is 3.319 MJ/ kg  (0.92 kW/kg) of evaporated water, which is by 15% less than competitors' solutions offer. Solid pollutant emissions contained in the humid air emitted to the environment are also significantly lower.


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