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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Agroplus 320 S with active independent suspension system


Product: Agroplus 320 S with active independent suspension system
Location: Hall B, st. no. 020
Exhibitor: GARNEA a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

For the first time in the orchard and vineyard market, DEUTZ-FAHR is proud to introduce the Agroplus S/V with active independent suspension system, a specialized tractor with a new exclusive front axle system management. This solution consists of an independent suspension with double wishbone design scheme managed by an adaptive electro-hydraulic system which works in synergy with a DTC (differential traction control): an exclusive and unique package that DEUTZ-FAHR has been able to apply to a compact narrow tractor.  Together with the compactness of its design end the efficiency of the integrated management of the whole system, the Agroplus V/S with active independent suspension system is able to work in orchards and vineyards with the maximum productivity, maneuvering heavy implements even on slopes and uneven terrain, especially in narrow headlands.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

DEUTZ-FAHR is the only manufacturer offering an active independent suspension system in the compact tractor category on the market using double wishbone design scheme. Compared to other systems which are currently available on the market this system offers better characteristics in the following: Better and more effective suspension geometry with kinematics created especially for specialised Agroplus V/S tractors, improved stability and traction owing to a longer and always vertical position of the wheels related to the ground, better traction and manoeuvrability in curves and steep hills thanks to the highly innovative DTC system, drastically improved comfort owing to lower vibrations entering the cabin and improved security thanks to anti-roll protection actively preventing rolling over of the tractor.


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