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Innovative culture and social learning as a prerequisite for urban innovation

Main stage: Wednesday 2.6., 17.00 - 17.15

Matchmaking & Networking: Wednesday 2.6., 17.45 - 18.45

Workshop: Thursday 3.6., 15.30 - 17.00

What is innovative culture and social learning and why are they a key ingredient in innovative urban development? Students will get acquainted with a brief presentation of the conclusions of international qualitative research of the benefits of innovation projects to cities (Manchester, Eindhoven, Leipzig, Espon, Stavanger, Bristol, Sabadell, Prague).

Examples of good practice will be presented: A brief introduction to the concept of positive energy district (PED) and its benefits for testing innovative approaches in the field of energy.

In addition, in the workshop:

  • Presentation of the exhibition Urbania: A tool for urban learning and the development of urban learning
  • Definition of the concepts of innovative culture and social learning
  • Interactive discussion and sharing of experiences

Organization: IPR Prague, UCEEB, City of Kladno


  • Tomáš Vácha (Head of the Participatory Planning and Design Department)
  • Michal Kuzmič (Head of Project Management Department)
  • Adam Pajgrt (Strategy and Development Specialist)
  • David Škorňa (coordinator of the SPARCS project city of Kladno)






Date: 25 May 2021 17:11:00

Concurrently with


4. - 6.6. 2024

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