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Национальный охотничьего выставка

National Gamekeeping Show

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Национальный охотничьего выставка visual

Факты & Цифры:

Gamekeeping and hunting have a long history both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and this tradition continues to the present time. As part of the National Gamekeeping Show, the development of gamekeeping, breeding and hunting, and protection of wildlife and its environment will be presented. The National Gamekeeping Show presents both to professionals and the general public a broad range of gamekeeping and hunting supplies, including an exhibition of hunting trophies, both from Czech and foreign hunting grounds, accompanied by an exhibition of hunters’ uniforms. It also features an exhibition of hunting guns, ammunition and optical systems. The exhibition is complemented by forestry education, with emphasis on the education of children in the relation to the nature. Last but not least, the exhibition is also dedicated to cynologists.The National Gamekeeping Show will be held in 2023.

The centenary of the Czech-Moravian Hunting Union will be celebrated in the context of the National Gamekeeping Show in 2023. The celebrations will feature a generous programme, exhibitions with unique exhibits, demonstrations and educational activities.

  • Подзаголовок: National Gamekeeping Show
  • Срок проведения: 2025
  • Место проведения: Брно
  • Организатор: Выставки Брно


4. 6. 2015
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Официальный представитель АО "Выставки Брно" в России, Беларуси и странах СНГ

Galina Dobrovolskaja
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Exposervice International
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Тел./факс: +380 44 494 25 23, 5174222
Е-mail: director@tvm.kiev.ua

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Agencja Promocji Eksportu
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Тел.: +48 34 3669888 / 366955
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