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2.-5.11. 2023

Travel Fair

2.-5.11. 2023

Messe der Touristikmöglichkeiten in Regionen

GO & Regiontour 2021 – Change of Dates

As a result of the extraordinary situation, there are a number of changes to the calendar of events planned for the second half of this year. GO and Regiontour tourism fairs are moving to the new date 21–24 October, 2021. The International Caravan Show Caravaning Brno will take place on the same dates.

The reason for this change is the postponement of the date of the 62nd MSV International Engineering Fair, the holding of which had to be moved due to its scope and internationality from September to the beginning of November.

We believe that the results of the vaccination strategy will be delivered in the second half of the year and that there will be a gradual return to normal life, including mass events.


Datum: 26.03.2021 12:04:00

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