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[EN] Monti in a new Outfit


[EN] The Monti construction system is a unique exterior and interior system than can be used to create even multi-level exhibition stands. The purpose of designing and producing such a system was simple – to create stable and safe exhibition stands in open areas that would be weather resistant from spring to autumn. And so we have been using Monti for a number of years both at the Brno Exhibition Centre and abroad for single and double-level exhibition stands and also for various giant displays.

In outdoor spaces the system offers exhibitors the option of enclosed meeting rooms that can be air-conditioned, as well as open terraces with seating or displays of smaller exhibits. Indoor multi-level stands often dominate the entire pavilion. This provides exhibitors additional exhibition space or a quiet meeting area for select clients.

Due to continued high demand, since the end of 2016 the Monti system has been undergoing general maintenance and renovation. The goal is to eliminate all visible traces of previous use to make everything look like new. All components will be repainted, lock systems replaced and floors and stairs checked. The rental price of Monti was for many years stable and unchanging, renovation costs in the range of human work and used material will be accordingly partially reflected in the rental price. However, exhibitors can get still favorable pricing conditions when they rent the Monti system early in time.

In conclusion, here are a few photos to provide inspiration to those who are just beginning to think about using the Monti system.



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