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[EN] MOUTAI on the Road


[EN] In December 2016, Hamburg in Germany hosted an event sponsored by the Chinese company that produces the world-famous Moutai liquor. Moutai, or Maotai according to the city in which it is made, is a traditional Chinese alcoholic beverage. It arises by the distillation of fermented sorghum and the alcohol content ranges from 40 to 60 %.

BVV Trade Fairs Brno handled all technical aspects of the event which was held in the luxurious Grand Elysée Hotel in the center of Hamburg. The hotel foyer was devoted to the company’s display and was dominated by a giant model of the Moutai bottle that has become so symbolic for this drink, all completed with graphic panels.

A cultural program with a speaker ran throughout the day in the main hall, culminating in a Gala dinner. The BVV team installed first of all an audiovisual system in this space to create a very impressive atmosphere.

Take a look at a few moments during the installation.



Referenzen – Messestände

Fotogalerie - Messestände

Visualisierung - Messestände

Meine Messe