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The Benefits of BVV Trade Fairs 

At BVV, we offer unique opportunities for:

  • Identifying new trade and new business opportunities in the enlarged EU marketplace
  • Using a tried and tested marketing tool for Central European business culture
  • Identifying the industry specific “Who’s Who?” in the region
  • Helping you to identify market niches and market needs
  • Meeting buyers, suppliers and opportunities – face to face
  • Excellent B2B networking opportunities
  • A business development platform that has been shown to be twice as effective as traditional field sales calls.
  • Unique branding and image positioning for international products, services and solutions
  • A place to meet with synergy partners and agents as well as suppliers and buyers.

At Brno Exhibition Centre we are more than just a Trade Fair venue.

We provide a solution to our clients looking for the perfect place for:

  • Exhibitions and Conventions
  • Corporate and business meetings, launches and events
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Fashion Shows
  • TV and Movie production
  • Your next special event


"These are extremely important trade fairs and an example of the very best in Europe. The trade fairs clearly demonstrate human capabilities, and the excellent results they produce - both in production and in the supplier chain. The growing importance of the Czech Republic in the EU during a period of increasing globalization of industry and trade and the economies of the EU countries is clearly evident here."
Graham Ewer
President of the European Logistics Association

"Brno is one of the most prestigious showcases of Europe and the world and it is very interesting for French companies."
Charles Fries
French Ambassador to the Czech Republic, 2009

"I wish the Brno Exhibition Centre a further successful stage, in which it will be able to hold its position among the strong European and world competition and also it will be able to further assist the Czech and Slovak trade relations."
Ivan Gašparovic
President of the Slovak Republic, in a letter commemorating 80 years of the success of the Brno Exhibition Centre

"I am impressed with the important role that BVV Trade Fairs Brno plays in showcasing the Czech Republic’s continuing growth, and I applaud your work in bringing together European and American companies."
Richard W. Graber
U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, 2009

"Over the last 50 years, the international industrial technology trade fair, the MSV in Brno, has emerged as the most important trade fair in all Central and Eastern Europe, and a leading technology fair in Europe. "
Helmut Elfenkämper, 2009
German Ambassador to the Czech Republic

"Brno truly is the centre of technological Europe; thousands of products from a great many exhibitors from many countries can be seen at the exhibition centre."
Janez Potocnik
European Commissioner for Science and Research


AUMA – Successful Participation in Trade Fairs

  • Ideas and guidelines for the correct planning and participation in your next Trade Fair, from choosing the right fair to monitoring the eventual success of the event.
  • A comparison of Trade Fairs with other marketing activities and options
  • Figuring out your aims and specific goals of attending the Trade Fair.
  • Choosing the right Trade Fair and developing your business’s selection criteria
  • Viewing the budget as an investment, balancing that budget with your specific goals
  • Organising the event and the people: Timetables, checklists, logistics, insurance requirements, environmental issues
  • The trade fair presence – how large should your space and exhibition stand be? What about the location of the stand?
  • Using advertising and the press to tell the right people that you are there.
  • The critical importance of monitoring and follow up after the fair: what went right and what could have been done better?

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