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Guided tours

Dear fans of modern architecture,

Brno Exhibition Centre opens its doors to the lovers of architecture and becomes part of the Brno Architecture Trails project. This project was created in cooperation between with the city of Brno and the Brno House of Art thanks to financial support of the European Fund for Regional Development. Since September 2011, the Brno Architecture Manual (BAM - www.bam.brno.cz ) has been available for all those interested, and since the summer of 2012 a part of it is also a trail across the Brno Exhibition Centre. Its purpose is to present to the public the history and development of the Brno Exhibition Centre from the time of its construction to the present, especially the architecturally important compound of exhibition halls built for the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Czechoslovakia in 1928.

On our website www.bvv.cz/exkurze a database of architectural objects located on the premises of the Brno Exhibition Centre is available, with information on their creators as well as photographic and planning documentation. There (bam.brno.cz) are also audio recordings in mp3 format, read by important contemporary architects and famous personalities who describe individual buildings.

A list of architectural objects you can find on the premises of the Brno Exhibition Centre is available here:

Guided tour dates

A guided tour of architecture around the Brno Exhibition Centre can be taken only in a group accompanied by a guide.

The tour starts with a view from the roof of the BVV office building. Visitors will meet the guide at the reception of the BVV office building, where the tour also ends. (The BVV office building is the high-rise building on the left side of the main entrance to the premises). The tour takes about 90 minutes.

Reception of the BVV office building

List of guided tour:

Until further notice, all excursions are canceled.



The guided tour costs CZK 150 per person. Children up to 5 years enter for free.

Booking and orders of guided tours

You can book a guided tour on the date of your choice using this contact form.

Other dates may be arranged by appointment. Minimum number of participants for a guided tour is 10 persons. We recommend you to make an appointment for the time of your choice at least one week in advance. Walk-up visitors without appointment can be refused entry in case of events or works in progress on the premises.

Contact person

Šárka Chovančíková, phone: +420 541 15 8493, e-mail: schovancikova@bvv.cz

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