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Following the approved corporate consolidation the City of Brno now owns 100% of firm's shares ( www.brno.cz ).

In this way April 2016 became another significant milestone in a 90-year history of the Brno Exhibition Center including the following historical dates:

  • in May 1928 the Exhibition Center was established on the occasion of the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture in Czechoslovakia,
  • in September 1959 - the 1st International Engineering Fair Brno was staged,
  • on 28 December 1990 - the joint-stock company Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions was set up,
  • in July 1998 - Messe Düsseldorf as the majority proprietor purchased 73% of the BVV shares from FINOP HOLDING and in November 1999 - the company Trade Fairs Brno was established.
  • in November 2011 - On 1 November 2001 the valid decision of the Regional Court in Brno dating 24 October 2001 on the corporate consolidation of the joint-stock companies Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (BVV) and Trade Fairs Brno came into force.
  • in April 2016 - Majority shareholder is the City of Brno.

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