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Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape

The fight Against Drought and Other Results of Climate Change


The main theme of the first NATUR EXPO BRNO trade fair is the retention of water in the landscape.  The drying out of the landscape is daily becoming a more and more urgent problem and farmers in particular, but also municipalities, require as much information as possible on its solution. This is why this event was included with the breeders’ event. Visitors will find the NATUR EXPO BRNO exhibitors in Pavilion F, where there will also be a podium for the expert accompanying programme and the central exhibition. The aim of the event is to showcase in one place the possibilities of financing and a forum for professional lectures and discussions. The main advantage of the event is the fact that it is for farmers and adaptation measures are presented mainly as a practical and proven solutions. Professional institutions and universities cooperate in the event.

Date: 23 Feb 2017 12:39:00

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