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Who reached for the Golden Rehaprotex 2019


Three companies and three products and solutions that can significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

The entered  exhibits were evaluated by a jury composed of experts from the fields of medicine, orthopaedics and rehabilitation under the leadership of associate professor Milan Chmelař, a long-time researcher at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology.

Along with him, the prestigious awards were handed over by Jiří Kuliš, CEO of Trade Fairs Brno, and also by Lukáš Karnet, Chair of the National Council of People with Disabilities of the South Moravian Region.

Exhibit winning the Golden Rehaprotex award for 2019:


  • Category: Aids for walking, mobility and transport
  • Manufacturer: HURT s.r.o.
  • Exhibitor: HURT s.r.o.
  • Location: Hall A1, stand 027
  • The award was received by František Malina, Managing Director of HURT

Brief characteristics of the exhibit: HURT-e is an electric drive for a mechanical wheelchair. The HURT-e drive is compact, lightweight and powerful. It is easily detachable from the wheelchair. The drive is suitable for all trucks with fixed and folding frames.

Opinion of the jury: It is an electric drive for a mechanical wheelchair. It is lightweight and easy to attach to any mechanical wheelchair. The whole device is very small thanks to the use of lithium batteries. The Commission particularly appreciates the mobility of the whole device.



Charley Tramp

  • Category: Solutions for active and self-sufficient life
  • Design and manufacture: Mave, spol. s r.o.
  • Concept and development of the vehicle, exhibitor: Opus Lacrimosa, z.ú.
  • Location: Hall A1, stand 012
  • The award was received by: Leoš Fučík, director of the Opus Lacrimosa institute

Brief characteristics of the exhibit: Charley Tramp™ is a motor home for the severely disabled, designed to allow for a completely independent holiday in summer and winter for those who cannot do without an electric wheelchair. The vehicle is designed to accommodate 4 people to sleep. A special place is approved for travelling while sitting on an electric wheelchair.

Opinion of the jury: Charley Tramp is a motor home for the severely disabled. It is designed for a family with one disabled person on an electric wheelchair. Its equipment allows for holidays in summer and winter without any restrictions.



UNILEXA Exoskeleton

  • Category: Rehabilitation, compensatory, prosthetic, orthopaedic aids
  • Manufacturer: MEBSTER s.r.o.
  • Exhibitor: MEBSTER s.r.o.
  • Location: Hall A1, stand 009
  • The award was received by Michal Gloger, Executive Manager  and founder of MEBSTER, and Petr Sukač, Technical Director

Brief characteristics of the exhibit: UNILEXA is the first Czech exoskeleton designed especially for paraplegics. UNILEXA passive exoskeleton is intended for people with total or partial loss of lower limb function, especially for paraplegics, allowing them to walk again. The innovative exoskeleton excels in reliability, safety, walking stability, low weight, easy and quick application directly from the wheelchair and an emphasis on the best value for money. UNILEXA is entirely Czech Made, a medical device developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by a new Czech company.

Opinion of the jury: UNILEXA is the first Czech exoskeleton designed especially for paraplegics. It allows for upright standing and walking with crutches. The jury praises its light weight and easy application directly from the wheelchair.


Date: 30 Oct 2019 10:00:00

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