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TORUMIA offers SUPERFREE - an annual model of children's shoes

Play and play in the grass, climb trees, jump into puddles. Children explore nature with all their senses and their shoes connect them with the world around them. The Austrian shoe manufacturer Superfit accompanies children on their daily adventures in the best possible way.

With the Spring / Summer 2022 collection, the superfit brand is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is coming up with a special annual model from the SUPERFREE series. Inspired by the first model from the superfit, turned into a design and trends of the new era with cutting-edge technology. The SUPERFREE series is presented with an extra thin PU flexible sole, which contributes to the optimal development of children's feet. These shoes are an ideal accessory for parents who want to offer their children freedom of movement and protection at the same time. It is made of high quality nappa smooth or velor leather with linings and insoles in VIOS + quality. Velcro fastening or lacing makes it easier for small children to put on shoes.


Date: 18 Aug 2021 15:30:00

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Valid for Catalog - February 2023


Highlights from companies

Valid for Catalog - February 2023


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