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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Variable applications of fertilizers and pesticides ISARIA


Product: Variable applications of fertilizers and pesticides ISARIA
Location: Hall V, st. no. 001
Producer: FRITZMEIER Umwelttechnik GmbH &Co.KG
Exhibitor: Agrotec a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

The N-sensors are a means for variable applications of fertilizers. It measures the integration of vegetation and the nitrogen content in plants concurrently. The determined values are transmitted to the spreader or sprayer, which immediately changes the dose. The device, which is equipped with its own antenna for GPS positions, may simultaneously control the dose according to soil or yield maps. This allows to use of N-sensors and other fertilizers and pesticides.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

The advantages of Isaria N-sensors:

  1. Very accurate measurements 2000x/s in the infrared-red part of the spectrum, from 650 to 780 nm (total 4 bands - the competition only 2 bands).
  2. The possibility of combination of online and background maps in which you can draw the local field information. Thus we can achieve multiple effects: higher yield, optimum balnace of N, fertilizer saving, crop compensation, environmental benefits
  3. The work is possible under all lighting conditions thanks to a perfect lighting scanned area: fog, dew, frost and complete darkness = non stop deploying
  4. Work without calibration for winter wheat and prospectively in other crops greatly saves the time. It allows to start  the machine immediately, regardless of the status of local vegetation.


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