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23.-27.4. 2013

International Fair for Investment & Business Opportunities and Regional Development

Preliminary final report about Brno Building Fairs and concurrent DSB, MOBITEX, ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and TECHNOLOGIE fairs


Brno Building Fairs and the International Fair for Furniture and Interior Design MOBITEX offered comprehensive information from the world of construction, building systems and interior fittings and fixtures. The specialist fairs ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and URBIS TECHNOLOGIE supplemented the presented fields with an offer of investment opportunities, municipal technology and the topical environmental considerations. The novelty this year was the DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno introducing wooden mounted houses and related fields of industry.

The fair was attended by 809 exhibitors from 17 countries around the world, and 51,323 visitors from 30 countries. Besides the exhibits, the supporting programme and specialist consulting including the interactive model of a prefabricated house reconstruction, the visitors were first and foremost attracted by the new fair DSB – Timber Construction Fair Brno and the new project Garden and Hobby offering an inspiration as well as a dedicated sales section. It has already become obvious that these projects will be offered to the visitors next year, too.

At Brno Building Fairs, everyone made the best effort to show that the new approaches to processing, new technologies, and, in particular, the positive vision and trust in the future expressed by the companies pursue the right way to overcome the current situation in the building industry. There is no need to compare against the past, look for negatives, but instead we should admire the determination of the exhibitors to show that they have something to offer.
Speciál Stavebních veletrhů Brno, Hospodářské noviny

What should I wish the building industry? A government that does not draw up super conceptions, but instead, normal and sensible long-term transport, environmental and industrial conceptions and strategies giving the companies an opportunity to establish mid-term planning in the area of investments and staff training.
Michal Štefl, Managing Director of OHL ŽS for Speciál Stavebních veletrhů Brno, Hospodářské noviny

Brno Buildings Fairs are not only about energy savings and their funding options

Brno Building Fairs brought a comprehensive overview of potential energy savings and their funding options. This continuously topical theme ran across all exhibits, the supporting programme, but it was also one of the highlights of the specialist consulting.

At Brno Building Fairs 2013, the Ministry of Environment and the State Environmental Fund of the CR presented the New Green Savings Programme. Programme PANEL 2013 + was featured by the Counselling Centre of the Ministry for Regional Development and the State Housing Development Fund.

IBF Gold Medals
As part of the gala evening of the
Brno Building Fairs, the winners of the IBF Gold Medals were announced. In the „Energy saving construction“ category, the award-winning exhibit HELUZ AKU 17,5 MK was presented by HELUZ cihlářský průmysl. As part of the category, in the „energy savings sub-category, the award was won by the air-water heat pump SHP-140IRC/SHP-140ERC exhibited by SINCLAIR CORPORATION. The gold medal in the „Design“ category was awarded to the modular office model Touax by Torax. In the „open category“, the award was given to the sweeping vehicle AUSA B 200 H exhibited by Agro Trnava.

DSB Fair – Timber Construction Fair Brno

DSB - Timber Construction Fair Brno was a novelty this year introducing a comprehensive overview of timber mounted houses ad related fields. The exhibitors‘ offer was extended by an attractive supporting programme dedicated to all aspects related to construction and use of timber houses. The offer included a consulting centre dedicated not only to timber houses, but also care for wood. The fair offer also included the exhibition of ready-to-use timber mounted houses in the Building Centre EDEN 3000.

Investment opportunities, waste management and municipal technology

The three specialist fairs ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and URBIS TECHNOLOGIE introduced a well-established combination of information not only for the representatives of towns and municipalities. At the URBIS INVEST fair, the regions presented the investment opportunities and development plans of the regions. The URBIS TECHNOLOGIE fair introduced innovations in the field of municipal technologies and fittings for playgrounds and sports fields. The ENVIBRNO fair was dedicated to environmental protection technologies.

Current information in the supporting programme
The exhibitors‘ offer was extended by the specialist supporting programme focusing on the current issues faced by public administration, water and waste management and investment opportunities and business support. A number of seminars intended not only for the representatives of towns and municipalities included the 20th Congress of mayors of towns and municipalities of the CR organised by Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic. The Investment and Business Development Agency, CzechInvest, introduced business and investment support schemes of EU Structural Funds– between the programme periods of 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. Association for Foreign Investment– AFI organised a training seminar "How to conduct negotiations with investors: practical advice and recommendations", organised in cooperation with the Investment and Business Development Agency, CzechInvest. The Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship CR offered a seminar titled Innovations and technologies in the regional development


What was said about Brno Building Fairs and DSB fair– Timber Construction Fair Brno

Tomáš Tesař, DOMY D.N.E.S.:
Timber Construction Fair Brno is of a huge benefit to us. Its first edition met with a great interest on the part of visitors interested in timber construction. Given the fact that such houses are in demand in the country now, I view this event in a very positive way. Our exhibit was visited by a number of end customers and right after the fair we will start designing timber houses for them. We will definitely come again next year.

Martin Moškoř, FAKRO Czech:
The fair was interesting for us starting from Wednesday as we were visited by a fair number of people. We were manly contacted by the end customers, which we appreciate. We managed to present our new products, the fair is a kind of advertising for us and a presentation of the company’s image.

Vladimír Soukup, FENESTRA EXPORT:
This year, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors at the fair. We arrived at the fair to introduce innovations that are of interest for the end customers. The fair was a benefit for the company, we are satisfied, it met our expectations.

Lenka Brišová, Fenstar:
People came to visit our exhibit, we will see what financial effect it will bring for the company after making an assessment. We established contacts, we will see. People arrived, we contacted new customers.

Miroslav Moselský, HELUZ:
The fair was good, the customers were interested in our products and in Hall P they could compare the prices with our competitors‘ offer. Simply speaking, first and foremost they wanted to make sure where the offer is of a better quality and cheaper. As always, we invited our business partners. For us, Brno is a place to maintain contacts. In about a month’s time, we will assess the offers we received at the fair and we will see what economic effects it will bring. The truth is that a number of customers made use of the special discounts. The visits were continuous; there were people interest in our products at our stand at any time.

Jan Vostatek, Internom-okno:
This year‘s fair edition appears to be better than the previous one as far as contacts are concerned. Our firm is satisfied, the event met our expectations. Our exhibit was teeming with people all the time.

Petra Trefilová, marketing, TONDACH:
Thus year, we share the exhibit with Wienerberger. We have simply joined our forces, which could help us in our business at the Brno fair. First, we are number ones in the market and, second, bricks and roofs fit together. This has definitely helped us and we are glad that we are here and that we could present our new products to the customers. The fair was also a venue for social gathering.

What was said about the ENVIBRNO, URBIS INVEST and URBIS TECHNOLOGIE fairs:

Mgr. Barbora Lidová, CzechInvest:
The number of visitors to the fair was high, we organised various specialised seminars attended by a number of people. Our experts made presentations at the seminars to inform the people interested in information about the Operational Programme Innovations. Lectures were also given by specialists from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Alena Andršová, South Bohemian Region:
This year, the number of visitors was higher than last year, we are satisfied with the event. In my view, the reason is that we were not alone in the hall, but together with builders. Almost all people e coming to see the construction exhibits were also interested in the regions‘ exhibits. We were also visited by investors, these offers were quite important for us. We have about fifteen contacts.

RNDr. Lucie Richter, Hradec Králové Region:
We take part in this fair every year. This year we are satisfied because after a long time, we are together with builders, which make the visitors more interested. What is also good is that, besides the investors, we are also interested in young people from schools who are interested in our region. We also welcomed interesting visitors from various embassies and developers. People were very much interested in the region of Hradec Králové and we look forward to next year’s edition of the URBIS fair.

Eva Vaňková, Olomouc Region:
We are satisfied with our presence at the fair, we like the location of our exhibit right at the entrance to Hall P. Almost all people stop at our exhibit. Another advantage was that we were located together with the builders this year, which livened up the exhibition for the visitors. Of course, we were also visited by people receiving documents about vacant lots, we will see what the results will be after the fair.

Bc. Jan Kadraba, Ústí Region:
Our exhibit was visited by some investors interested in the situation in our region. We will wait to see who will contact us after the fair with a specific interest in our offer. The general public was very interested in tourism brochures. I believe that we attracted a host of tourists to our region, people were mainly interested in tour cycling.

Ivona Hájková, Vysočina Region:
The number of people visiting our exhibit was huge. Developers showed interest in our vacant lots on offer, they were keen to learn about the potential in our region. Of course, many people were interested in the tourism offers.

Milan Rigó, Agro Trnava u Třebíče:
This year’s fair met the expectations of our company; people showed a great interest in our products and asked about specific equipment. We were visited by those who intend to purchase the machines presented in our exhibit. We exhibit as the importer of the machines; we also presented innovations in the field of municipal equipment. Furthermore, we were awarded the Golden Medal for our sweeping vehicle. We were truly satisfied with our presence at the fair.

Petr Scherhaufer, CIME:
The fair met the expectations of the company, we were satisfied. The number of customers was lower than last year but despite that we entered into more contracts. I myself was surprised how many potential customers arrived, i.e. consumers of our goods. We are located in an open space, the visit rate was good also because the weather turned out well.

Blanka Plačková, Dřevoartikl:
The weather during the fair was on our side, we were visited by a number of people, the firm is satisfied with our participation at the fair. Naturally, we will evaluate the outcomes of the business negotiations after the fair.

Jiří Drda, owner of Jiří Drda:
This year, we were very satisfied as we were visited by more customers than anytime before. We pre-negotiated a number of orders. We will take part in the fair again next year.

Klára Hejnová, Tomovy parky:
Our firm took part in the exhibition after a long time and we liked it. For us, it was a last minute event that came off. We did not expect to strike any deals, we primarily wanted to present ourselves. We were visited by a number of people and I think that our presentation was a success. Our exhibit was also visited by mayors who attended the congress, some of them know our company as we cooperate with them. The children’s zone was busy all the time.

Kristýna Dudová, Asociace zahradnického výstavnictví:
This year‘s edition of the fair was our first one since the members of our association supplied all necessary material for us to prepare the exhibit. I think that the visitors liked our park and such a project was definitely something that Brno Building Fairs missed. Furthermore, people could buy flowers and woody plants from Ago Tuřany and thus we also achieved an economic effect. The garden model was certainly a success along with wood accessories. I think we also managed to convince people to visit the sales points of the association during the year.

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