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ECOTEN urban comfort


Founded in 2017, ECOTEN urban comfort is an engineering startup company. We leverage a combination of urban environment engineering, remote-sensing, advanced geospatial planning and 3D modeling technologies to empower cities to tackle climate change challenges.

Our mission is to accompany our clients in order to achieve a greater progress towards sustainable development while improving the quality of life of the citizens in an urbanising world.


Based on spatial and sociodemographic data, we are mapping critical hotspots for decision-makers to implement more efficiently heat mitigation strategies. Protecting the citizens and helping urban planners to design better urban environments is the core of our mission. Our mapping services have been recommended by the Joint Research Center, the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, as an efficient solution to help cities reach their SDGs.


We build 3D models of potential projects to understand the impact of the microclimate on the urban environment and compare the resilience potential of each project. Assessing the microclimate impacts on these projects helps the city planners to select the most efficient urban design in order to create resilience.

Date: 14 Aug 2020 10:10:00

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4. - 6.6. 2024

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