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In 2021, C-ITS for Europe will be presented in Brno

Digitization affects virtually all areas of human activity, and urban transport is no longer imaginable without digital technologies. The City of Brno is involved in the C-ROADS project through Brno Roads, which deals with the harmonization of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) within the European Union. At the URBIS 2020 conference, Brno Communications, as a partner of the "C-Roads Czech Republic" project, presented vehicles equipped with the C-ITS system in the open area in front of Pavilion E. The event was attended by Roman Nekula, Administrative Director of Brno Communications, Martin Pichl from the Ministry of Transport on behalf of the project coordinator and Martin Böhm, Secretary General of the European platform C-ROADS, which covers all European C-Roads projects.

The project has been tested in Brno, where the communication between the participants in the operation, the vehicles of the Integrated Rescue System and the transport infrastructure equipment was verified. The beginning of the next stage of this project will take place at the next URBIS conference. " In 2021, we will organize a road show in Brno, where we will show Europe and the world that communicating vehicles are a reality. We will demonstrate how traffic facilities on the street, public transport vehicles, cars, or other road users communicate directly with each other. Thanks to this exchange of information, the driver will learn, for example, about the bus standing at the stop, the restrictions resulting from road maintenance, speed limits and many other situations that are especially important for his safety, ”describes the benefits of C-ITS Martin Böhm.

These systems are the first step in automating some in-vehicle processes, increasing road safety and moving towards autonomous vehicles. These systems are expected to gradually begin to appear in newly manufactured cars. Information from other in-service vehicles and transport equipment is faster and more reliable than from commonly used navigation. The driver is always sure that this information is trustworthy, timely and correct.

The road show in 2021 will be intended for European politicians, transport ministers of European countries, representatives of the automotive industry and technology companies, and for the public. " Communicating vehicles are no longer a vision or a subject of research, they are now a reality. And Europe is ready , ”concludes Martin Böhm, listing the benefits of C-ITS systems.

In 2021, C-ITS systems will be demonstrated in the streets of Brno and on the highway in its vicinity.


Date: 15 Sep 2020 16:30:00

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