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Looking back at URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021

URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021 took place online from 2 to 4 June. A studio was set up  at the Brno Exhibition Centre and participants got connected remotely or visited the studio. A total of 66 contributions  were delivered on the main stage of the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021 conference. 938 unique visitors attended the conference and the exhibition part. The services of the online platform for the conference and the exhibition were linked to standard processes for exhibitors and visitors to the Brno Exhibition Centre, especially as regards ​​exhibitor registration and ticket purchase.


The conference ran in 7 sections: URBIS Environment, URBIS Services, URBIS Digitalization, URBIS Management, URBIS Future, URBIS Mobility and URBIS Benefits. Workshops and discussions followed most of these sections. Visitors could sign in repeatedly for the conference, the organization of the program allowed visitors to participate in all the programs of each section. Selected contributions could also be watched on TV Municipal.

Exhibition part

The exhibition part featured 35 exhibitors from 17 countries, who could make use of 3 types of expositions. The environment of the online exhibition enabled the displaying of exhibits and information materials including videos, as well as interaction between visitors and exhibitors.


URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021 featured the final conference and road show of the C-Roads project, which dealt with the development of a unified European system of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). The National Day of C-Roads took place on Thursday, the international part of the conference and demonstrations in the streets of Brno took place on Friday. The conference was attended by leading experts on this issue, representatives of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the highest representatives of the EU in the area of transport.

Gold URBIS and the Moderní obec Editors'  Award

The awarding of the Gold URBIS prize was decided on by visitors of the exhibition part. An award was also handed by the editors of the magazine Moderní obec  [Modern Municipality] from the Profi press publishers.

Gold URBIS 2021: Exposition of the Statutory City of Brno

Moderní obec Editors' Award: Kooperativa production and trade association for their eLITE and SMART multifunctional masts.

URBIS Smart City Fair 2021 in figures

938 unique visitors from 46 countries

66 contributions delivered on the main stage

70 speakers

35 exhibitors from 24 countries

9 workshops

7 sections of the conference


The next URBIS SMART CITY FAIR will take place from 1 to 3 June 2022 and will focus on the issue of transport in smart cities and autonomous mobility.


Date: 30 Jun 2021 11:34:00

Concurrently with


4. - 6.6. 2024

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