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The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR program will help municipalities overcome the crisis after coronavirus

Not only the commercial sphere, but also the state administration was significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the negative impacts, however, she pointed out the opportunities for innovative solutions. From 2 to 4 September, the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR trade fair, which takes place at the Brno Exhibition Center, will focus on these.

The organizers of the program work closely with the European Commission. "We try to make his topics as practical as possible and participation in the event means a smart investment in the future," said Martin Videczký, director of the fair. Representatives of European cities will introduce visitors to the experience of recent months. " There will also be examples of successfully implemented solutions in this crisis situation, " added PR project manager Aneta Valová.

The fair will also help newcomers

Many municipalities are facing a lack of funding after a pandemic. Even with this problem, the fair can help them. " We will offer inspiration for technological and organizational measures that will save costs, " said Videczký. The event is also suitable for local governments that have no experience with smart solutions. "Representatives of European cities will reveal their know-how and will be happy to help newcomers," said the project director.

People will get the most inspiration on the third day of the fair. " It will take place outside the exhibition grounds. We will take the interested parties to local companies, where we will show how smart solutions work in practice, "said Jakub Rybář , Head of the Cooperation and Development Department of the City of Brno.

However, it is not only visitors who have a chance to get involved. " Exhibitors who offer smart solutions can still apply, " the spokeswoman emphasized. Videczký added that the ideal form of presentation is a practical demonstration. The URBIS CITY project is to be used for this purpose, which will offer a simulation of a smart city in the exhibition grounds.

The European top will arrive in Brno

Important points of the program include the annual meeting of the European platform EIP-SCC (The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities) or the presentation of outputs and experiences from Lighthouse projects in support of Horizon 2020.

People can also look forward to dozens of workshops that they will be able to buy at the beginning of the summer on the project website.

To make it easier for visitors to worry about visitors in difficult times, they have simplified the entrance fee price list. " We try to respond to the current situation of local governments and thus offer a more advantageous entrance fee while maintaining the quality of the entire program, " Valová summarized. People will pay five hundred crowns for a ticket for both days of the fair. All types of tickets and current information are listed at www.smartcityfair.cz .

Date: 25 Jun 2020 11:33:00

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