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Smart solutions for cities, intelligent transport systems and autonomous mobility

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR online event will take place from 2 to 4 June, which will include an exhibition part and a conference. URBIS is a traditional meeting of all those who deal with technologies applicable within the concept of smart cities - representatives of cities and municipalities, suppliers, developers, academia. The main sections are conferences, which serve mainly to exchange experiences and present new trends, and an exhibition part presenting both the solutions themselves and their specific implementation, for example in the city of Brno, its partner cities or in various projects. Through gradual development, URBIS has become a technological event and this direction is strengthened this year, especially in the field of transport.

Entrance to URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021


Conference full of practical experience, new information and inspiration

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021 conference will be beneficial for anyone who is looking for a solution for their community or wants to get acquainted with the results of already implemented solutions. The interesting program points of the conference certainly include:

Liveable public spaces

On Wednesday morning, we will look at how life in cities is changing - partly due to the pandemic and partly due to the start of the home office, and how local governments can react to this.

Autonomous mobility

In the future, autonomous vehicles will become a pillar of public transport in cities. In the panel discussion, we will hear news about legislation that should allow their operation.

Digitalization - remote services and operation

The content of this Wednesday afternoon block is, among other things, a presentation of open source tools for cities and municipalities.

National Day C-Roads

The national part of the conference, which concludes the five-year European project, will take place on Thursday afternoon and will discuss, among other things, how cooperative intelligent transport systems will increase safety at rail crossings.

Conference registration | Conference program | Speakers

A full-fledged online event

Currently, it is possible to implement URBIS SMART CITY FAIR only as an online event . The main philosophy of this method of implementation is to provide exhibitors, visitors and conference participants with maximum benefit and to mediate personal communication in the form that the current restrictions on physical encounters allow. The online event therefore has a standard opening time for which exhibitors will be present at the stands and when it will be possible to communicate with them, during which time it will also be possible to attend a conference or watch C-Roads demonstrations or demonstrations of an autonomous bus. In the following years, however, URBIS SMART CITY FAIR wants to go to the Brno Exhibition Center.

All parts of the program, including practical demonstrations of C-ITS in Brno, the speeches of the speakers and the exhibition of participants and partners of the C-Roads project will be available on the online platform . Registration for visitors will be available in the second half of April, all information to enter the online platform will be received by the visitor in the registration confirmation. The use of the online platform is intuitive and simple, and visitors have the opportunity to visit the exhibition part and the conference repeatedly according to their time possibilities and interest in individual topics.

We offer exhibitors three types of exhibition stands and other opportunities to participate mainly in the conference. For the smooth implementation of the online exhibition and the settlement of all matters related to the preparation for participation, we recommend sending the application by 18 May. Registration takes place in the same way as for other events organized by Trade Fairs Brno. URBIS SMART CITY FAIR is currently one of the few ways to contact representatives of cities and municipalities, to offer services or products or to point out interesting solutions.

The conference offers sharing experiences and inspiration

The URBIS SMART CITY FAIR conference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. The conference program is divided into seven blocks - environment, services, digitization, management, future, benefits and outputs. The detailed content of these parts of the conference is available on the smartcityfair.cz website. From the partial parts of the program, it is possible to highlight, for example, the adaptation of metropolises to changes related to the pandemic and the start of the home office . It is expected that the changes in the working regime forced by the pandemic in some positions will persist even after the relaxation of restrictive measures, therefore the adaptation of residential buildings to this fact will be permanent and further urban development will respect this trend. In the services, speakers will focus on, among other things, circular economics , reducing waste production or energy recovery. Other speakers will focus on practical experience in the field of digitization of local government services and in the management of cities and municipalities.

C-Roads - European project of cooperative intelligent transport infrastructure

The C-Roads project is included in the program on Thursday, June 3, and Friday, June 4 . Thursday's program is marked as national. On this day, there will be demonstrations of C-ITS operation in the streets of the city of Brno and the national part of the conference, which will focus, among other things, on increasing traffic safety at railway crossings during the installation of C-ITS systems. The international part of the conference and again demonstrations of C-ITS operation in the streets of Brno are ready for Friday. C-Roads is a project of European significance and especially in Friday's program, the participation of leading experts in the field of C-ITS is expected. The specific benefits of deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems include, in particular, increased traffic safety, priority given to public transport vehicles and an integrated rescue system, greater fluidity of traffic and the resulting lower emissions.

In all parts of the URBIS and C-Roads conferences, it will be possible to send questions to the lecturers, which will be asked through a moderator.

Autonomous mobility

A panel discussion on autonomous mobility is scheduled for Thursday. Its participants should focus in particular on legislation allowing the operation of autonomous vehicles, the use of autonomous vehicles in smart cities and other related aspects, including C-ITS systems as a source of information for autonomous vehicles. It is possible to participate in the entire program related to C-ITS, the C-Roads project and autonomous mobility as a visitor for a single entrance fee of CZK 250. This ticket is valid for the whole three days.


Date: 2 Jun 2021 10:23:00

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