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Support for the establishment of innovative enterprises in local governments

CzechInvest has long cared for the business environment in the regions and connects representatives of public administration and the business sector. A key activity in this area is the Passportization of the business environment, which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of individual cities and micro-regions and their development potential in terms of investment attractiveness and quality of the business environment. Based on discussions with mayors and other municipal representatives, specific activities are then recommended / developed, which may include, for example:

  • localization of external investors,
  • support for innovative startups,
  • assistance with expansion and shift in the value chains of local companies

For these purposes, it is possible to use tools, which are in particular:

  • investment incentives (after the amendment more focused on SMEs and investments with higher added value),
  • startup support programs,
  • comprehensive knowledge of grant titles suitable for the development of companies,
  • assistance in acquiring new clients in the Czech Republic through a database of suppliers, specialized (online) markets or by connecting various groups of companies,
  • educational, training and networking events

Date: 31 May 2021 09:56:00

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