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Use of biologically degradable waste

A circular economy  is a concept that is an integral part of sustainable development. It deals with ways to increase the quality of the environment and human life by increasing production efficiency. The key is that the materials used are separated from each other into two independently circulating circuits, which follow different logics. The circular economy should become an important economy for the Czech Republic. There are three main topics set for 2021. That is, circular procurement or green purchasing; circular bioeconomics, where there is a focus on biodegradable waste; and circular textiles, which means textile recycling.

Circular bioeconomics is now focusing on biodegradable waste (BIO) and the aim to describe the state of waste management and identify weaknesses. Petr Novotný from the Institute of Circular Economy talked about the use of biodegradable waste on Wednesday morning.

BIO can be divided into kitchen and garden waste. Kitchen waste is a more fundamental problem, because there is a larger volume of it and its processing is complicated. The EU generates around 88 million tonnes of this waste, which means 173 kilograms per person per year. In relation to the Czech Republic, about 1.8 million tons of waste is generated here every year. Most waste in the Czech Republic ends up in mixed waste landfills. We are a landfill superpower. In the EU, on average, 28 percent of waste ends up in these landfills, in this country it is more than one half. However, within 10 years we will have to divert a large part of the waste that today ends up in landfills to some alternative use. It is not easy to change the set system. Three  basic conditions must be met! Biowaste must not get into mixed waste, it is necessary to separate it and make sure that it is clean. That is why residents should sort waste, build capacities for the use of biowaste and stimulate demand for products. Inspiration from foreign countries is crucial, as they are already more experienced in this matter and have already proven procedures for dealing with this situation. And also work with citizens and their awareness!


Date: 2 Jun 2021 15:37:00

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