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Vague spaces like pocket parks and how to be inspired by changes in metropolises during and after a pandemic


Conference URBIS SMART CITY FAIR 2021, Wednesday 2.6., 10:00 - 10:15

The paper brings inspiration and experience from major cities around the world and how these cities have changed during the pandemic and the constraints. You will see specific examples, such as the creation of so-called pocket parks within unused public spaces, and this change does not have to be expensive, complicated and also limited in time. The primary objective of these proposals is to improve the quality of life in cities and towns, address global challenges and climate change. The paper will focus on specific proposals and solutions that do not require demanding planning or a high amount of resources, but are, on the contrary, feasible quickly and will help change the attitude of residents, start a positive transformation of the city. We will also point out the added value of the existence of local ecosystems that initiate such a solution or support their implementation and ways of their involvement in the planning of urban projects. We will also introduce the activities of the Smart Cities Club, which contribute to the sharing of experiences and specific procedures between individual cities and thus help not to repeat the mistakes of others or to implement a tried and tested successful solution.



Date: 31 May 2021 08:37:00

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4. - 6.6. 2024

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