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24.-26.5. 2023

International Defence and Security Technologies Fair

Golden IDET - Awards for the best exhibits

The evaluation committee awarded five GOLD IDET 2023 awards and two honorable mentions this year. The Personality of the Defence and Security Industry Association was also announced and two GOLD IDET NEWS 2023 awards were handed by a jury composed of professional journalists.

The results of the prestigious competitions were officially announced at a social evening of the IDET, PYROS and ISET trade fairs. The exhibits entered in the GOLD IDET 2023 competition were evaluated by a four-member evaluation committee, headed by Colonel Jan Bořil. Experts in defence and security technology agreed to award five GOLD IDET prizes and two honorable mentions.

Three prizes were awarded in the Military and Security Technology category

The first was SUMO-C900HD cooled thermal imaging camera from manufacturer and exhibitor EVPÚ Defence. According to the committee's evaluation, the camera has excellent technical parameters and innovative features for observation in demanding conditions.

The TATRA PHOENIX 8x8 exhibit from the manufacturer and exhibitor TATRA TRUCKS was also awarded the GOLD IDET 2023 award. It is a certified modular container loader on TATRA PHOENIX 8x8 chassis with armoured cabin for use in difficult combat conditions.

The third prize in this category went to the exhibitor SVOS for their MARS 4x4 modular vehicle in the S-330 version with an integrated new generation RBS-70NG anti-aircraft missile system. The vehicle is manufactured in international cooperation between the Czech company SVOS Přelouč and the Swedish company SAAB Dynamics AB.

Category of Military and Security Communication and Information technology

In the category of Military and Security Communication and Information technology, the committee appraised the STARKOM tactical jammer exhibit, which was produced by the Military Research Institute (VVÚ), and exhibited by the Army of the Czech Republic. The STARKOM mobile tactical communications jammer on a TATRA chassis is designed for electronic warfare and for combat support and protection of ground and air forces.

Category of Military and Security Logistics and Services

The fifth GOLD IDET 2023 award was given in the category of Military and Security Logistics and Services. It was recognized to the exhibit DAPH highly sensitive detector of cholinesterase inhibiting substances, produced and exhibited by the Military Research Institute. It is a specific autonomously operating chemical detector using simulation of biological processes and identifying, among others, nerve-paralytic substances with extremely low detection limit.

Two honorable mentions to innovative exhibits

The evaluation committee also awarded two honorable mentions to innovative exhibits this year.  The first went to the F/A-18 C Hornet Simulator exhibit of the manufacturer and exhibitor Dogfight Boss s.r.o. The committee appreciated the modular design of the simulator part of the flight simulator and its possibilities of integration into other simulators.

The second honorable mention went to the MRAZ 3 FFI mobile firefighting robot from the Slovak manufacturer and exhibitor Mraz Robotics. In this case, the jury was impressed by the robotic tracked universal platform designed for the fire brigade providing a wide range of superstructure application options.

Award for the Personality of the Defence and Security Industry Association

A traditional part of the award ceremony at IDET is the presentation of the award for the Personality of the Defence and Security Industry Association. This year's winner was Ladislav Říha, a senior research and development worker at EXPLOSIA a. s. This expert has been developing the field of plastic and solid explosives for more than 30 years and has been dedicated mainly to application development. An important output of his work is, for example, the SEMTEX Razor range of cumulative flexible charge products. He has also been involved in the development of new types of plastic explosives for special applications such as dynamic and active protection of military equipment or Disintegrator.

The prestigious journalists' awards GOLD IDET NEWS 2023

The prestigious journalists' awards GOLD IDET NEWS 2023 were announced by Ms. Šárka Cook, Director of the publishing house MS Line s.r.o., the main media partner of IDET for the Czech Republic, and also Editor-in-Chief of the IDET NEWS platform.

Logistics category

In the logistics category, the expert journalists' jury awarded AGADOS for its wide range of multi-purpose and special trailers, including amphibious off-road trailers for the armed forces and the integrated rescue system. AGADOS is the largest trailer manufacturer in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in Europe. Its portfolio also includes special projects that are used by security and rescue forces around the world. It supplies, among others, foreign armies of NATO member countries and its special projects have successfully passed load tests beyond the Arctic Circle.

Category of weapon systems

In the category of weapon systems, the GOLD IDET NEWS 2023 award went to a joint project by the Czech company SVOS Přelouč and the Swedish company SAAB Dynamics AB. The result of their four-year cooperation is the new MARS 4x4 combat vehicle with the new generation RBS 70 NG integrated anti-aircraft system. This exhibit therefore won two prestigious awards this year, when it was chosen by both the evaluation committee of the GOLD IDET 2023 competition and the expert journalist jury.

Date: 25 May 2023 10:35:00

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