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Press Releases

WARNING – Fraudulent practices

Fraudulent practices of the companies FairExpo, Expo Guide, Fair Guide, Construct Data, MULPOR, and International Fair Directory

The companies Fair Expo, Jessie Data, Expo Guide, Fair Guide, Construct Data and MULPOR have no business relationship with BVV and the company Veletrhy Brno a.s. (Trade Fairs Brno) refuses the practices exercised by the aforementioned companies. We strongly recommend exhibitors in our fairs never to respond to any offers or invoices received from these companies.

Thanks to our own findings and on the basis of our clients' observations, the company Veletrhy Brno a.s. (Trade Fairs Brno) has recorded multiple cases of offers of publication  in catalogues such as "FAIR Guide", "EXPO Guide", "International Fairs Directory", received as emailing from "Jessie Data" abusing the name of the CENTREX Association. Exhibitors at MSV are then sent invoices from the "FairExpo" catalogue, which misuses the logo of the event. The catalogues are presented as "the largest internet list of trade fairs and exhibitors" and "a powerful medium for acquiring new customers, finding new business partners or surveying trade fairs."

The concept of these dubious offers is always the same. Based on contacts obtained apparently from the freely available electronic version of the catalogue of exhibitors at our fair events, our clients are sent English written forms, which at first glance appear to be a free update of the data in the internet catalogue. It is not true. Once they are completed and sent, the client will receive an invoice to pay almost  € 1,200 per year. It is only then that the cheated client discovers that he has actually signed an order for paid services, moreover for three years, without any possibility of termination. Alternatively, an invoice for expanding the advertising services is received.

We encourage our clients to read similar "offers" carefully before deciding to fill in and submit them. However, if you happen to do so and do not want to pay for "unsolicited services", then we recommend you to send the catalogue publishing firm, which is shown in small print at the very bottom of the order form, a notice that you are withdrawing from the contract because of their fraudulent behaviour. Do not respond in any manner to any further payment requests, or tell the firm you are going to press criminal charges.

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