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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair


In 1982 when AEE born, company business was to make assistance and maintenance to die casting machines in Italy as well as construction of tailor made equipments for industrial automation.

Soon the company started also retrofitting of existing die casting machines; AEE was first adopting PLC and he was one of the pioneers in the use of proportional valves in die casting industry in order to get better injection control results.

In 1989 AEE, meanwhile purchased by Colombo Group, merged with Triulzi, a main world player in the die casting machine production. The experience of Triulzi started in the 50’s with production of hot and cold chamber machines and plastic injection machines.

During early 90’s AGRATI AEE starts his expansion stage to the worldwide market through the creation of a distribution and support network. In particular the subsidiary Agrati do Brasil follows the fast-growing markets of South America.

At the same time the focus of the company was constantly moving to the edge-cutting technology in order to offer to customers the more advanced machines available on the market for easy production, better control, improved final product quality.

One of the technical advantage introduced by AGRATI AEE has been the implementation of an energy saving system on die casting machines. First in the market, AGRATI AEE started the testing on 2003 and on 2009 began the sale of Energy Saving machines both hot and cold chamber; with this innovative technology a reduction of up to 70% in energy consumption has been achieved.

Other fundamental developments were carried out, and still in progress, in cooperation with the multinational company Parker. From first injection manifold that changed way of casting, and not only the appearance of the machines, till the envied and not yet surpassed Eco Drive injection technology.

Today AGRATI AEE is always engaged, in an increasingly demanding market, to produce die casting machines of unsurpassed quality but, at the same time, with keen eyes on the fact that even the best technology and quality has to be reasonably priced.


Date: 7 Sep 2022 12:30:00

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