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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

The technological solutions proposed by BLM GROUP at MSV 2022


The BLM GROUP will be present at MSV International Engineering Fair 2022, in Hall B, booth 26, with two systems for tube laser cutting and automatic tube bending. The fair held in the Brno’s Exhibition Centre in the Czech Republic from October 4 to 7th is one of the most important fairs in Europe.


BLM GROUP specializes in the production of processing systems for metal tube, sheet and wire: tube bending, tube end-forming, sawing, wire bending machines, tube laser cutting and sheet laser cutting systems and 3D laser cutting cells.

The wide range of Lasertube systems offered by the Group includes fully automated products that process tubes of any sections, from 12 mm to 610 mm diameter and produce, in a single work cycle, suitably cut components that can be easily assembled in any type of frame and structure.

For sheet metal, BLM GROUP offers fully automatic laser cutting systems that can be widely configured in terms of machinable sizes and levels of automation.

BLM GROUP includes different solutions for tube bending of any section, up to 150 mm in diameter, but also for the automatic bending of metal wire, flat bars, bars and armored resistors.

For over 60 years, BLM GROUP has combined experience and innovation with the aim of making the production processes even more simple and efficient for its customers wanting high-quality results.

Systems presented at MSV 2022:

  • LT7 high-end Lasertube system
  • E-TURN32 automatic tube bending machine with same cycle left and right-hand bending

LT7: the Lasertube system undisputed laser tube cutting benchmark 

LT7 is the result of years of investments in technological research and continuous development of innovative software and hardware solutions.cThe machine is equipped with a 3 kW IPG laser source, an automatic loading system for tube bundles of up to 6.5 m in length and an unloading system for tubes up to or 4.5 m in length.

The LT7 machine can process sections from 12 to 152 mm in diameter and up to 23 kg/m in weight ensuring excellent process performance. From the smallest to the largest diameter, all adjustments are automatic and also sections with “L”, “U” and other open profiles and flat bars are standard jobs and are processed in fully automatic mode.

The laser source allows great flexibility of thicknesses and materials, from 12 mm of mild steel to 4 mm of brass. 3D processing completes the framework of an extremely flexible system able to manage the widest array of applications. The LT7 is an unparalleled, state-of-the-art solution designed to optimize productivity, quality, precision, flexibility, automation, and ease of use.

The first piece is right with the All-Electric E-TURN tube bending machine  

E-TURN is an all-electric tube bending machine with a freely configurable left or right-handed bending capability and VGP3D graphic visual programming. The E-TURN is extremely flexible. With the All-Electric technology, adjustments and bending technology parameters are saved in the software to guarantee repeatability and the possibility to switch to a new production quickly, with no need for manual adjustments. Furthermore, B_Tools calculates the amount of springback and material elongation during tube bending so that the first piece of every production change is right from the start. E-TURN can be fed manually or automatically using a bundle loader, which can be positioned on the right or left side.

Being able to bend leftwards and rightwards in the same cycle, E-TURN can produce an almost unlimited variety of geometric shapes, eliminating the need to weld together several different pieces or to divide the bending process over several steps. E-TURN is the ideal solution for designer furniture, plant engineering in general and many other sectors where quality and repeatability of results must be combined with production flexibility.

BLMelements: A complete software suite for managing your processing technologies  

In parallel to its processing systems, BLM GROUP offers a suite of native software programs that make the most of the power of the equipment to provide users with excellent work performance and robust process features for programming both on the machine and in the office, managing production orders and integration with the company ERP system.

VGP3D is the three-dimensional graphic programming software for BLM GROUP tube bending machines and wire benders. Simple, user-friendly and powerful, the VGP3D is also available in an office version and allows the operator to create any shape or geometry with the tube with a few simple clicks.

Artube is BLM GROUP CAD/CAM software for programming Lasertube systems to allow operators to draw, manipulate and design single parts or complex tubular assemblies of any section. Artube is the most complete CAD/CAM, dynamic and adaptable to the customer’s specific needs.  

Protube is BLM GROUP production MES, a single interface for easy and transparent management of part programs for the main Group machines. Protube can be used to prepare technologically precise work orders in the office, to efficiently plan production, send production orders to the connected plants and keep track of all operations. By applying artificial intelligence strategies and data interconnection with the customer’s ERP, Protube is the key enabler for the evolution of smart Industry 4.0 applications.

Customer-oriented services with dedicated solutions 

The BLM GROUP can offer a wide range of services designed to accompany the customer throughout the lifecycle of the system to maintain the highest level of efficiency and machine availability. The many services that the group offers include:

Software and remote assistance contracts for quickly resolving any unexpected problems and providing support in the event of new production needs. Remote assistance also uses augmented reality tools, like Active Eye, to quickly transmit the necessary instructions to the operator.

Various maintenance plan levels

Customers can choose the maintenance plan that best suits their production rate, plan operations so that they never interrupt production and increase the life of each machine by adopting specific activity schedules: Routine and/or supplementary maintenance and repair of faults and supply of spare parts.

Whatever the production context, the BLM GROUP has a complete range of solutions for machining tubes, sheet metal and any three-dimensional metal section, enhanced by dedicated software solutions and an array of services that provide customers with all-around support.

For more information:

Chiara Vaccari – Communication BLM GROUP
E-mail: pr@blmgroup.it



BLM GROUP is the global partner for the entire tube machining process with a capillary worldwide presence and thousands of applications:

  • BLM S.p.A., based in Cantù (CO), Italy, specializes in the production of CNC tube bending machines, tube end-forming machines, and related devices for integration and automation.
  • ADIGE S.p.A., based in Levico Terme (TN), manufactures systems for laser-cutting tubes and machines for disc-cutting tubes, solids and sections. The range is completed by brushing machines, measuring systems, washing systems and collectors.
  • ADIGE-SYS S.p.A., based in Levico Terme (TN), specialises in the production of "mixed" laser-cutting systems for cutting tubes and sheet metal, systems for laser cutting of large tubes.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BLMGROUP
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BLMGROUPchannel
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/blmgroup

Date: 13 Sep 2022 21:35:00

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