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10.-13.10. 2023

International Engineering Fair

Finnish solutions for smart and sustainable manufacturing


Manufacturing industries are the backbone of the Finnish economy. Unique and persistent tradition, public and private sector collaboration and cutting-edge digital expertise have helped Finland to succeed in building its industrial sector while at the same time protecting the nature. The size of the technology industries in Finland is about half of its exports, and as today’s society faces big questions related to resource efficiency, Finland looks into robotics and automation. Finns know how to harness the power of artificial intelligence, communications, digitalization and IoT, hyperautomation, 3D printing and carbon neutrality through electrification in innovative ways. In particular, the focus has been on flexible automation that enables fast reconfiguration of production lines for small-volume and high-mix production, which is typical for Finnish manufacturing companies.

Finland is a leader in the development of wireless technologies and Europe's leading country for 5G, 6G, AI, and sustainable digitalisation in the future of advanced manufacturing – going beyond industry 4.0.

Finland has chosen the Twin Transition - the combination of digital and sustainable transformation - as the leading industrial growth strategy for the next decade.

The consequences of climate change tend to be stronger near the poles and, therefore, Finns have lifted environmental sustainability high on national development agenda. Finland seeks to be at the forefront of strategy that creates impact on the environment, economy and society. Finns quite often see themselves living in an experimental society, where the ultimate goal is a carbon-neutrality. In manufacturing industries this has meant investment in flexible automation, digitalization and environmentally friendly high-tech products and services.

Green technologies, especially electrification and digitalization, are seen as growth drivers in many manufacturing companies. It is no surprise that leading Finnish companies have set energy efficiency as their primary goal for the future. Even today, the Finnish industry sector is one of the cleanest in the world.

In these 4 areas, Finnish companies stand out globally, adding intelligence and knowledge to the international community and bringing about unique results:

#1 – Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization

In Finland you can find both highly specialized companies and companies that cover the entire scope of Industrial IoT, including:

  • Low-powered, wireless sensors (to measure desired characteristics),
  • Wireless communication solutions to transmit data between “things”,
  • Platforms to collect, visualize, and analyze information to drive business processes.

Using virtual reality, simulation and the implementation of digital twins in the factories have been taken to the next level in Finland. Companies can improve a range of business processes, boosting the production efficiency of a factory or reaching new levels of product quality. 

Predictive maintenance to monitor the performance and condition of an equipment or a process during operation to predict events of failure or malfunction, is another area of strong Finnish competence.

#2 – Data-driven manufacturing

In Finland, big data is recognized as a very important new technology, and developing big data capability is a national strategy. In manufacturing, big data maximizes the service life of a machine or equipment and facilitates predictability, effective maintenance measures and remote services

The enhanced level of information management that 5G technology allows has enabled AI to be employed widely within enterprises. Today, Finland leads the world in 5G development. Thanks to decades of work by Finnish pioneering companies, Finland’s telecommunications and network systems are excellent.

#3 – Hyperautomation, flexible automation systems and robotics  

Hyperautomation applies advanced technologies, like robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to automate processes that are significantly more impactful.

In Finland, the level of automation in factories will soon be almost 100%, and it is already one of the most important competitive advantages in this country. With 85% of all Finnish manufacturing companies being small- or medium-sized enterprises, one of their key competitive advantages is exploiting the potential of flexible automation solutions.

#4 – Emerging technologies

Over the next decade, manufacturing based on additive principles will be the reason why cars can drive further and products last longer – and production will become even more sustainable. Today, Finland already cooperates with many global additive manufacturing partners and is researching many new areas. The opening of The Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem (FAME) to serve as a brain trust will accelerate collaboration and help consolidate research.

Finland joins this year’s edition of the MSV Industrial Engineering Fair with the group of 6 innovative technology and services providers under the “Digital Factory” theme of the fair. Finnish companies have been trusted by leading global manufacturing players from a number of industries such as automotive, machinery, food processing, electronics and many others. We invite to you visit the Finnish stand in hall F, as well as to join the “Smart Manufacturing by Finland” seminar on the 5th of October (15:00-17:00) at the Digital Stage, followed by a networking reception. Finnish companies you can meet are: Elisa IndustrIQ, Etteplan, Top Data Science, Unikie, Visual Components, Wapice.




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